Date: Mon, 10 Oct 2011 22:13:46 -0400
From: Warren Hearnes <>
Subject: WP-ORG: The Impact of WP-ORG

WP-ORG members,

It's hard to believe that WP-ORG has been serving graduates, parents, and friends of West Point for over 15 years now. By providing an online communications infrastructure, WP-ORG has helped our community build, maintain, and strengthen the associations that bind us together. And it isn't just limited to West Point -- during the course of those years, we've also helped other groups such Navy Parents do the same. I've personally had the privilege of being associated with WP-ORG since its inception, volunteering wherever I could lend a hand. I found that, in doing so, my life has been greatly enriched by some lasting friendships with fellow graduates and parents whom I would have never met otherwise. Many of you can likely think of similar stories of rekindled friendships or new connections. That, in my mind, is the true impact of WP-ORG.

Twice yearly we ask for voluntary donations to help keep the organization running. If you feel that you've received some value from the connections that you've made through WP-ORG and you're in a position to contribute, please give so that we can keep it going another six months.

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Warren Hearnes '89

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