HELP NEEDED! Army/Navy Cadet Ticket Allocations

WPPC-MI Army-Navy committee is looking for an additional 2 cadet allocations of 8 tickets for the A-N game to use for our group.
If you could support this effort(you can include your purchasing if you are going; ie I am going to use 3 but can give up the additional 5[after you register with us], that would be great).
If your cadet has a roommate/friend going to game and not using their allocation, they could also send me their information.
We are trying to have at least 64 tickets for our group including relatives and friends.
If you can do this, please send me ( This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it  ):

Cadet Name
Cadet Company
Cadet number
Year of graduation
The sooner the better as we need to reserve the tickets this month.
Thank you,

WPPC-MI Army-Navy Committee

Tom Lynch ‘82
WPPC-MI Advisory Board member for Field Force and WPSMI
President - WPSMI
Liam ‘18