Graduation 2014

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Congratulations to the Class of 2014 – “Forever One Team”.  Your long gray days have ended, and the Long Gray Line continues.  Every member of the Parents Club is proud of your accomplishments to date, and we all offer each of you every encouragement for your service to come. Live beyond the standard!

To the proud families of the graduates (2LTs), please don’t be strangers.  We have our own bond, and our support for you will continue. Once a West Point parent, always a West Point parent!

Troy R. Taylor
President, 2014-2015

Here is the Congressional Record containing congratulations by Rep. Mike Rogers to the 2014 Michigan West Point graduates by name and hometown.
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Graduation Day

  • Families and visitors can enter Michie Stadium through security checkpoints established at Gate 2, 3, 4, 5, and 7. Gate 3 will be open for wheelchair access throughout the ceremony.
  • All persons entering the stadium will pass through metal detectors at the above annotated gates.
  • Large bags, coolers, backpacks, unwrapped packages and umbrellas will not be allowed into the stadium. Guests are encouraged to use plastic bags to carry their possessions to speed up the processing through the security points.
  • Safety and security are a paramount concern during graduation week activities. Everyone’s help in the detection and reporting of criminal activities, helps ensure that this year’s graduation is a success
  • Please note the suggestion to carry your possessions in plastic bags. This is an "easier" spin off of the new NFL policy that those who attended the Army-Navy game experienced.
  • The stadium concession stands will be open
  • Strollers are also not permitted


DUSA is hosting their annual "Brides Coffee" on Monday, May 26, 2014 from 8:30 to 10:30 AM

All engaged First Class female cadets and all fiancees of engaged First Class (male) cadets are invited to attend the Annual Daughters of the United States Army (DUSA) Brides Coffee - held in Cullum Hall on Monday, May 26th from 8:30 - 10:30 AM

The program for this annual graduation week event includes the opportunity for Brides (fiancees) to socialize, celebrate and speak with representatives from Army Community Service, the Chaplains Office, Cadet Hostess and DUSA Members.

Light breakfast foods and beverage will be served. This is a great introduction and welcome to the military family. Mothers, grandmothers and future mothers-in-law of both the cadet and fiancee are welcomed to attend with the bride to be.

The cadet must sign up (for herself in the case of engaged First Class female cadets - and for his fiancee in the case of engaged First Class male cadets) by providing the following information NLT Wednesday, May 7, 2014.

Cadets should email This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it with the following information:

Cadet's name:
Fiancee's full name:
Fiancee's mailing address:
First Duty Station:

Formal invitations will be sent out on Friday, May 9, 2014

Attire is Informal / Business Casual

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Graduation Activities...
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2014 Graduation Postmark

Graduation Invitations Order Information  

Graduation events for the Class of 2014

Saturday evening:
* Gospel Choir Concert
* Combined Choir Concert

* Supe's Reception (business attire) for First and Second Regiments (You will officially be introduced, go through the receiving line during the specified time and enjoy punch / cookies in the beautiful gardens, weather permitting
* Glee Club Concert in the evening

* Department Awards in the morning
* Supe's Reception for Third and Fourth Regiments
* Baccalaureate Services

* Graduation Parade (1030-1130)
* Awards Convocation and Awards Convocation Reception (1400 - 1600) (for indicated cadets)
* Pre Graduation Reception (1630 - `830
* Graduation Banquet (1900 - 2030)

Wednesday - the red letter day you've all been waiting for ....
* Graduation (0915 - 1200)
* Commissioning / Bar Pinning (1300 - 1600)

The Firsties will have to change from Cadet Gray into Army Blue between graduation and commissioning / bar pinning ... and also, depending on what time they schedule their commissioning / bar pinning, will have to head down and return "issue items" ... some will do it before their bar pinning .. some after ...

Remember that the Firsties will be exhausted on Wednesday evening .. and you should not plan on traveling too far (if they are driving). It's a very exciting week - and they will be busy with many last good-byes ....

This week will be very emotional .... very happy ... and yes, a little sad for you. Plan your travel according to how much time you can take off from work / other commitments .. and enjoy one last official visit to West Point. Many parents will come in the week before - and just enjoy the time to relax and wander around on their own, realizing that their son / daughter will be very busy with rehearsals and packing out ... while others will not have the luxury of an extended trip ...

BUT ... by all means try to be at West Point by Sunday ... You'll be hitting the road running early Monday morning and it will be busy / nothing / busy / nothing / busy ...

and remember to bring a REAL camera - these are memories you'll want to capture - and not only on the phone!

Graduation 2014 RV Parking/Reservations

Class of 2014 - Class Pistol

2014 Firstie Handbook

WPPC of MDDCVA 2014 Afghan...

The Class of 2014 Pistol Committee is finalizing to artwork for their class pistols. We should be ready to start taking orders in October. Notification will go out to the Class of 2014, through West and the Parents Clubs.

Duston Saunders - West Point Pistol Coach - July 2013


2014 Class Commemorative Challenge Coin - Revised

2014 Class Commemorative Challenge Coin