George Pappas

This workbook has been compiled to honor COL George S. Pappas, Class of 1944, USMA.
The GSP Team desires to continue and supplement COL Pappas historicity relevant to West Point.
In 1987 COL Pappas presented his book 'The Cadet Chapel' on the 60th Anniversary of the Class of 1927.
COL Pappas honored all of the Members of The Long Gray Line with the completion of this glorious book.
The book includes a picture of every class window in the Cadet Chapel, its theme, and location.
The GSP Team sincerely hopes that you will enjoy reading the workbook. Its purpose is to inculcate Parents, Cadets, and Graduates with a further sense of Esprit de Corps and veneration of USMA.  

The Class Windows, Locations in the Chapel, Theme, Timetable, and History.

The Graduation Class; Number of Graduates; Date of Graduation; Class Motto; Graduation Speaker; Superintendents; Commandants, and Cadets First Captain of the Corps.

The Cadet Prayer

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