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Firstie Committee
Richard Thompson, Firstie Committee Chair, is accepting Firstie picture and biographies for Path Ways to Leadership that WPPC-MI publishes each year in the spring. Encoure your cadet to get their Fristie picture taken and to start writing down information for the biography.
Please send information to Richard Thompson at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it , with Firstie Item in subject line.

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Ring Weekend 2013 - Class of 2014
Friday, Aug. 23 - Ring Ceremony at Trophy Point.
Saturday, Aug. 24 - Ring Banquet in the Cadet Mess.

Graduation Class of 2014

go-bi smash - Collection of Info for Cadets

A-Day 2011 Photos

Camp Illumination Photos

1st Company CFT Photos 

Summer Assignments
At West Point the SGR  (Summer Garrison Regiment) are responsible for answering all questions regarding summer assignments.

Driving Directions To Camp Buckner

All mail for CAMP BUCKNER or CFT should be addressed as follows:

Cadet First Name Last Name
P.O. Box xxxx
West Point, NY 10997-xxxx

PLEASE ADD CAMP BUCKNER or CFT to the box or envelope to help get it to the right place!

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Proper Cadet Mailpiece Addressing (USPS)

R-Day Photos on flickr by West Point Public Affairs

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June 28, 2010, is R-day for USMA Class of 2014.  As parents, it’s a day we’ll never forget.  Bob and Debbie Barr (CPT Russell Barr, USMA ’07) have traveled to West Point as representatives of the Michigan Parents Club to be there for our candidate parents.  A big thank you goes out to Bob and Debbie for volunteering to be there.  Please keep our Michigan Parents and soon to be New Cadets in your thoughts and prayers as they begin their West Point experience.  Mentors, please stay in touch with your families and New Cadet families don’t hesitate to call your mentors or myself if you need anything or just need someone to talk to.

Mike Lemieux
President, West Point Parents Club of Michigan

Our welcoming picnic was held on June 6, 2010.  If you were unable to make it to the picnic an information packet will be sent to you.  The packet contains the club's Plebe-Parent Handbook, also available online through the link below.  Join the Parents Club so we can support you and you can support others.

Club Plebe-Parent Handbook 2014

Check out some of the photos from tie picnic.

Photos from Parent-Candidate Welcoming Picnic 2010

Parents - Sign up on Prospective Net.  This email listserv is a valuable source of information and a good place to get many of your questions answered. 

Parents - If you have not been contacted by anyone from the West Point Parents Club of Michigan, please contact our President.  We are here to welcome you into West Point family and help prepare you and your cadet for their time at West Point and beyond. Ask about our mentoring program.

West Point Parents Club of Michigan
President - Mike Lemieux
This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Parent's Almanac

Join the West Point Parents Club of Michigan

R-Day Notes

On June 27, the day before R-Day, there is a gathering in Highland Falls from 2-5 p.m. on the lawn of Holy Innocents Church on Main Street.
Cookies, lemonade, iced tea and water. A nice welcome from the community and a great place to meet other candidates and parents!

Send a small card with phone numbers with your candidates – handy for when they call home as some may not have Mom and Dad’s numbers memorized.

R-Day this year will be a bit different (for those who have heard stories) than the last few years as the location for the reporting, leader team briefing and the oath ceremony have changed. The new cadets will report in at the Holleder Center, located to the southwest of Michie Stadium. When you enter West Point, you will be directed to the parking areas and then follow the signs to the Holleder Center. Enter via the main entrance and join the line. After the briefing and good-byes, you will be shuttled to Eisenhower Hall to visit the Parent Information Center.

The leader team briefing (in the afternoon) will be given in the Cadet Mess in Washington Hall. Seating is limited. We are providing a satellite location in Eisenhower Hall (Ike) which is air-conditioned. If you are traveling with someone who needs handicapped accommodations or would be more comfortable in an air conditioned area, it is recommended that they attend the briefing at the satellite location in Ike Hall. The Cadet Mess is not air-conditioned and it is not handicapped accessible via the front entrance.

The Oath Ceremony will take place on The Plain this year. This will allow all attendees to be seated in the bleachers. We will have a map of the ceremony as part of the R Day handout you will receive when you arrive. Once you determine your son/daughter’s company, you will know where to look for them during the ceremony.


Reminder from the admissions office - Submit birth certificates and police records prior to June 15.

Message from the medical staff at Mologne Cadet Health Clinic
Varicella (Chicken Pox) titer
– If you had 2 shots no titer required.
- If you had one shot you need to get the other shot OR get the titer done. 
- If you had the disease and no shots you definitely need the titer.

Regarding the polio vaccine
- The Army requires all soldiers over the age of 18 to have one injectable polio vaccine (not oral). This vaccine has to be given AFTER the age of 18. All incoming candidates need an injectable vaccine if they are over the age of 18 prior to R-day; either on or after their 18th birthday.  If they turn 18 after R-day the Cadet Health Clinic will administer the vaccine.

Candidates should be logging into their admissions portal to track that need to be submitted.

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