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Arvin Cadet Physical Development CenterArvin Cadet Physical Development Center at West Point is named after Capt. C. Robert Arvin, a Michigan native and Ypsilanti High School graduate. Arvin attended West Point and graduated with the class of 1965.  After graduating, he was assigned to Vietnam in 1967. During combat that same year, he was mortally wounded at age 24. Last year, Ypsilanti VFW Post 2408 was renamed in his honor and an education fund was established in his name.Arvin V.F.W. Post 2408

A plaque in Arvin Gym says:

On 5 September 1967 First Lieutenant Bob Arvin was an advisor to the 7th Vietnamese Airborne Battalion when his unit came under intense mortar and small arms fire.  Though wounded, Bob disregarded the fierce fire and was leading his element forward to engage the enemy when his radio operator was also wounded.  Bob dragged the soldier to safety and, undaunted by the perilous circumstances, returned to direct repeated helicopter gunship strikes.  He refused his own medical evacuation until the objective was secure and the mission complete.  For his conspicuous gallantry in action and calm courage, he was awarded the Silver Star.  Following hospitalization, he requested an immediate return to combat duty.

On 8 October Bob’s unit was completing a sweep of a suspected enemy base when it encountered an entrenched enemy regiment.  Intense enemy fire pinned down Bob’ battalion in an exposed, untenable position.  In full view of the enemy he valiantly moved through the fire to a forward vantage point.  There, as fighting raged about him, he directed extremely accurate, close-range gunship passes onto enemy positions.  As he continually moved through fire-swept fields to position himself better to direct the supporting fire, Bob was mortally wounded.  For his heroic actions, he was awarded his second Silver Star and promoted posthumously.

Bob Arvin’s indomitable fight spirit, positive leadership and resolute courage throughout intense combat reflect great credit upon himself, the U.S. Military Academy, and the U.S. Army.


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