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The Plebe-Parent Handbook is a collection of information gathered from our club members and USMA to help the candidates/plebes and their parents get ready for Beast and Plebe year.

*New* View Plebe-Parent 2020 Handbook  

View Plebe-Parent 2019 Handbook
View Plebe-Parent 2015 Handbook


The Firstie Handbook is collection of parent and USMA information to help Firsties and their parents through Firstie year.  It covers getting reading for Firstie year, through graduation. 

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View Firstie 2015 Handbook


The Parent's Guide for Graduation is published by USMA.  It contains almost everything you need to know about Graduation and Graduation week at West Point.  The first version comes out in March and it is periodically updated.

*New* Graduation Guide  

Parents Guide To Graduation 2011


Social Media

Army Guide To Social Media



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