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Plebe Parent Weekend
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Quarters 100 Tour - If you registered for the Quarters 100 Tour, you should have received a reminder email yesterday.
Please be sure to arrive a little early so you are ready to go with your group.
If you were not able to sign up for this tour, please know there are plans to open the house for tours in the future.
Thank you for your patience and understanding.
Parking – Please use the map as your guide for parking and bus service.
On Friday, parking is limited to the daily workforce in the area of the Plain (parade field).
Please park in the vicinity of Michie Stadium. Buses will run throughout the day to various stops around post as indicated on the map.
The map and guide will be available upon arrival or you can print from the Parent Information page, but please use legal sized paper for best results.
On Saturday, please use the areas in and around the Plain for parking.
Cadet escorts – As you know, we have recently changed our security measures. You must be escorted when in the cadet area.
There will be cadets in the area to provide an escort if your cadet is unavailable. Please remember to have your ID available at all times.
Route to CUF – Cadet Uniform Factory – The Cadet Uniform Factory is a short walk from IKE Hall. The building is annotated on the map.
Walking directions:
Please exit Ike Hall on the 3rd level. Follow the ramp to the parking lot. Walk through the parking lot heading slightly up hill to the intersection of Ruger Road
(blinking light post in the middle of a 4 way intersection). Continue to follow Ruger Road, walking slightly up hill, passing a brick building (fire dept. offices) on your right.
You will then see a brick building as you enter a parking lot – this is the Garrison Headquarters building. Please stay on the left side of the parking lot (against the stone wall area) follow the “road”
through the parking lot passing the West Point Band building (also on your right) and then arriving at the Cadet Uniform Factory.
Tours will run continuously.
Tours of Library and Cadet Mess – If you would like to take a brief tour of the library or the Cadet Mess on Saturday morning (8-10 a.m.), please meet at IKE statue – at the end of the walk way between the Plain and Doubleday Field. You will be escorted to the appropriate place by one of our volunteers or a cadet.
The tours will run consecutively as groups form. The last tour will begin at 9:30.
Open house and TAC team orientation – The times for the TAC team orientation briefs and barracks open house are company dependent.
Some will be held on Saturday morning between 8-10 a.m. Others will be held later in the day. Your cadet will share information as to when his/her company meeting will be held.
Changing – For those needing to change at West Point for the banquet and hop, there will be designated areas in the barracks for changing. Please remember to have a cadet escort to enter/exit the cadet area.

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