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After Graduation

1.Does he fly back home with us? Do we get him an airplane ticket for home the same time we plan to leave West Point? Or is it too soon to even make these plans? (He says right now he is looking to start summer training in July). 

As with any other time that a cadet (soon to be grad) is on pass / leave, they are responsible for their own transportation. That said, West Point *does* pay for transportation to the first duty assignment - something that they will be briefed on in the coming months. However, as the newly minted 2LTs will be going on leave first .... then to their duty station ... you should plan on purchasing the ticket home now and ensure that he's on the same flight as you.

The next logical question is when to fly home after graduation. While many will say "I want to see that (blinketly blink) place in my rear view mirror ASAP, the reality is that they will have many good-byes that they want to say, their commissioning ceremony may be upwards of four hours after graduation *and* they will be extremely exhausted. If you are all flying home, I would suggest staying overnight (yes, you will have to make hotel accommodations for the newly minted 2LT for the night of graduation - they do *not* stay in the barracks) and then fly out on Sunday.

Now, all that assumes that the Firstie / soon to be newly minted 2LT does not have his / her car at West Point - if he / she does, he / she will be driving it (and perhaps a second driver) home you'll have those logistics to work out. Same rationale as to leaving on Sunday, however.

2. Is he able to pack and store the items he wishes to take with him somewhere as opposed to bringing everything home with him and taking it back with him?

Again, the Firsties will be briefed (and many will sleep through that briefing, too) .... Basically, when they graduation, they move out of West Point, lock, stock and barrel ... and you'll find that it's amazing how much they have accumulated in those four years. Remember that one little duffel bag that they entered with? Well, think boxes .... and boxes .... and boxes.

Yes, they will be instructed to ship whatever they don't need immediately to their first duty assignment (their basic officer course assignment). They will also have the opportunity to ship "stuff" from home if they have to set up housekeeping at BOLC (rather than being in quarters). Packing boxes are provided and there is a set time that they have to have everything boxed and ready for shipment - be it to home or to their duty station.

*Please* remind your son / daughter to keep any / all paperwork with them, as well as their uniforms .... It's amazing how many young grads ship their uniforms home, expecting the shipment to arrive before they do ... and the reality is that it can take up to 12 weeks - long after they have reported to BOLC and *need* those uniforms (not to mention the weddings that they forgot they would be attending, and need their Blues)

They do *not* return to West Point after graduation leave. They will go on leave, and then report directly to their Basic Officer Leadership Course (BOLC) or to their initial duty station (depending on what cycle they are in for BOLC when their leave period runs out).

3. The Army will ship items home and to the duty station. Remember, however, the timing involved. All grads should keep all needed military "stuff" with them (papers, uniforms, etc). "Stuff" that they won't need for a long time can be sent home - to be shipped when they finish BOLC and head to their first duty assignment and "stuff" that they need for BOLC can be shipped to that location ... but remember, timing is going to be key.

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