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There is a tradition at West Point that all members of the class donate $1.00 to a "pot" - the winner being the Class goat. Note: $1.00 - most definitely *not* a silver dollar ..... man, that would be one very, very rich "goat".

There is a different tradition - for a graduate to give a silver dollar to the first subordinate that renders the "first salute" to the newly commissioned grad. Given the price of silver and the cost of a silver dollar, not all give a silver dollar - but choose another significant coin. It's a "thank you" and not intended to bankrupt the donor.

More about the First Salute 


At West Point, every Sunday night Freshmen recite a poem called "Six Bells."

"Six Bells and all is well. Another weekend shot to hell. Another week in my little gray cell. Another week in which to excel. Oh Hell."

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