(as amended January 30, 2017)

Article I
Section 1. This club will be known as the WEST POINT PARENTS’ CLUB OF WASHINGTON.

Article II
Section 1. To promote an exchange of information and experiences to help cadets’ parents, guardians and immediate family enjoy West Point, and benefit by those who have been through it.
Section 2. To help West Point identify candidates for admission.
Section 3. To help build and maintain good feelings toward West Point among the American Public.
Section 4. To offer encouragement and support to our cadets.

Article III
Members and Membership
Section 1. Resident members:
a) Parents, guardians and immediate family of a West Point cadet or graduate,
b) Graduates of West Point,
c) Parents, guardians and immediate family of members of a current class at the United States Military Academy Prep School (USMAPS), or a USMA Admissions designated Service Academy Preparatory Program (e.g. Marion Military Institute, New Mexico Military Institute)

Section 2. Non-resident members: Former members of the club who have moved from the state of Washington.

Section 3. Honorary Members: Honorary may be elected, automatic, or ex-officio or appointed.
a) Elected: By a two-thirds (2/3) vote of members in attendance at any general meeting.
b) Automatic: Members in good standing in the West Point Society of Puget Sound.
c) Ex-officio: Admissions representatives designated by the USMA Admissions Office.
d) Appointed: By the Board.

Honorary members do not vote nor will they hold any office within the Parents’ Club.

Article IV
Section 1. Membership dues for each resident or non-resident member for each year will be recommended by the officers and approved by a majority vote of the membership.
Section 2. All dues shall be paid by June 30th each year. New members will be assessed dues for four years of membership on a non-refundable basis.
Section 3. Honorary members will not be required to pay dues.

Article V
Section 1. Management of the club will be vested in the officers.
Section 2. The officers and their duties will be:
a) President: will preside at all meetings; will be ex-officio member of all committees; serves as liaison to the Field Force and the West Point Society of Puget Sound and performs all such duties as are incidental to the office and are properly required of him/her.
b) Vice-President: in the absence of the President, the Vice-President will exercise all the functions of the President and will be vested with all his/her powers.
c) Publications Chair: is responsible for the New Parent Binder, Plebe Parent Handbook and other publications as recommended by the WPPCWA Board.
d) Communications Chair: will assist in the dissemination of information to members and others through utilization of the various media available..
e) Secretary: will prepare records of all meetings, maintain accurate member mailing lists and assist the President in making meeting mailings. Minutes may be summarized on the club website and approved by the membership at the general meetings.
f) Treasurer: will be the custodian of the funds of the club, will conduct its business and report on the status of the treasury at each meeting.
g) Merchandise Chair: will support morale and fundraising through the purchase of West Point logoware for resale to members at General Meetings and other events. He/she will coordinate with the Treasurer to ensure accuracy of revenue, expenses and inventory accounting.

Article VI
Election of Officers
Section 1. At the fall meeting the president will appoint a nomination committee to consist of one (1) officer and two (2) members-at-large. At its first meeting the nominating committee will elect its chairperson.
Section 2. The nomination committee’s recommendations will be sent to the membership with the mailing for the first meeting of the year and the election held at the first meeting of the year.
Section 3. The officers will assume their duties immediately following the election.
Section 4. No candidate will be proposed for office unless their consent to serve has been obtained.
Section 5. Only resident members in good standing are eligible to hold office.
Section 6. The officers will be elected for a term of one (1) year.
Section 7. No officer will be eligible to serve in the same office for more than two (2) consecutive terms of one (1) year each.
Section 8. The Board may make interim appointments to Board positions vacated by members during their term for the remainder of the term to which they were elected to serve.
Section 9. The Board may determine who will serve in particular positions (i.e. President, Vice-Presidents, Secretary, Treasurer) after a slate of members has been approved by membership. In this case, the Club would approve of members to serve on the Board and the Board would then determine who would serve in particular positions at their first regular Board meeting called by the serving President. Board members would be allowed to serve in more than one (1) post, except for the President and the Treasurer.

Article VII
Section 1. General meetings will be held four (4) times a year. The officers will determine time, place and day of meetings.
Section 2. The annual meeting for the election of officers will be held at the first meeting of the year.
Section 3. Additional meetings may be held from time to time at the discretion of the officers.

Article VIII
Section 1. The President will appoint Standing Committees as deemed necessary by the Board.
Section 2. The President will appoint the Chairman for each Ccommittee and will assist the Chairman in selecting members for each Committee.
Section 3. The vote of the majority in any committee will be the vote of the committee.
Section 4. The standing Committee Chairs and his/her duties are:
a) WebMaster: Maintains the club website by, posting minutes and other vital club info/news and monitoring the flow of club traffic.
b) Social Media Chair: works in conjunction with the WebMaster to facilitate club member communications through use of Facebook and other social media.
c) ASAB Chair: Every 3rd year the West Point Parents Club hosts Washington State’s All Service Academy Ball.
d) Class Chairs: Coordinates special events for Yearling, Cow and Firstie Parents respectively.
e) Event Coordinators: Responsible for securing and scouting locations for meetings and special events and arranges for catering and decorations.
f) Birthday Chair: Coordinates recognition of cadet’s annual celebration.
g) Eastern Washington State Liaison: Coordinates events and activities for the member families in eastern Washington.
h) Southwestern Washington State Liaison: Coordinates events and activities for the member families in southwestern Washington State.

Article IX
Section 1. Robert’s Rules of Order will be used as a guideline in all club matters not covered.

Article X
Section 1. The bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the members who are present in person, or represented by proxy, at a general meeting. No amendment will be voted on without two (2) weeks notice in writing to members.
a) Notification of a proxy will be given to a current officer.