Shipping Packages to Foreign Countries


APO and FPO Shipping Address/label Instructions:


In the "Address1" field for Army, Navy and Marines enter Unit Number and Box Number; for Ships enter Ship Name and Hull Number; for Air Force enter PSC Number and Box Number. This is the most important number, get it from your soldier.


In the "Address 2" field you can enter optional military command or organization name (ex. USAG J or 2/566 Postal Co.). This is somewhat important and varies widely as how your soldier is deployed.


In the "City" field enter APO or FPO. Get this from your soldier.


On the "State" line, select one of the following: Get this from your soldier.

                AE - Armed Forces Europe, Middle East, Africa and Canada

                AA - Armed Forces Americas

                AP - Armed Forces Pacific


On the "ZIP Code" line, enter the 5-digit ZIP code for the military unit. Get this from your soldier.


Name & Rank

Address 1

Address 2

City State Zip

FirstName LastName, Rank

Unit 12345

444 INF Battalion, Bravo Co

APO AE 09999


Customs Declaration Form CP72:

You will need to fill out Form CP72 at your local USA post office this is in addition to your shipping label.

This is only necessary if you are shipping a package and not a letter.


Enter your address information


Enter your soldier’s address information


Enter what the package contains


After the post office weighs the package enter the weight


Select whether you are going to use Priority or Surface (SAM)


Select GIFT for your package


Sign your name


Enter an estimated value


The post office will enter the postage fee


Check whether you want it returned

The post office will stamp the form as received & dated