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WPPC St Louis Newsletter May, 2009


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WPPC Meeting Minutes – April 19, 2009

-  The meeting was held at the Concordia Lutheran Church in Kirkwood, MO..  The meeting was called to order at 1305 by Alan Mandel with the Pledge of Allegiance.  Mike McCullough led the prayer, and members then enjoyed a pot luck luncheon.

-  Alan mentioned that Susan Smith recently attended the WPPC annual meeting at West Point, and will update us at the next meeting

-  Larry Krumrey reported that he provided some of our club fundraiser Tervis tumblers to the WP Bookstore and Cadet store while attending PPW, so that they can decide if they want to carry them as part of their inventory.

-  Marge McCullough provided updates on the tumbler sales to date.  See below for details.

-  Larry Krumrey presented another possible fundraising product.  A St. Louis resident makes engravable gift pens out of bullet casings, along with custom boxes.  Alan Mandel mentioned that the item could certainly be considered at a later date, but he wishes to concentrate on the Tumbler project at this time.

-  Frank and Amelia Janoski were recently featured in the Webster-Kirkwood Times newspaper as father/daughter WPPC graduates.

-  The Hail and Farewell meeting will be held on Sunday, June 7 at Kemolls.  Annual membership renewals will be processed at this meeting.  The luncheon cost will remain the same as last year, and the location should be much nicer.

-  Mike McCullough proposed that the club donate $100 to West-Point.org, which hosts the web sites, all parent clubs and ParentNet.  The proposal passed by acclamation.

-  Treasurer report:  Mary and Kevin Kohne reported a current balance of $4090.99.

-  There are twenty four cadet candidates committed so far for the incoming Class of 2013.        

-  Marilyn Ballard displayed her beautiful artwork. She generously donates 10% of sales to the WPPC.

-  Brag news was shared, and the meeting was adjourned at 1500.


Congratulations Class of 2009!  The following talented sons and daughters of our members are graduating on May 23.

                Michelle Alderson has branched Medical Services Corps and will attach to a Combat Support Battalion of the 1st Cavalry Division at Fort Hood, Texas following training at Fort Sam Houston and Fort Benning. Michelle is a Life Sciences major.  She wrapped up her firstie year organizing the 30th Annual West Point A-Meet, an orienteering meet held at Buckner hosted by the West Point Orienteering Club. Michelle is the daughter of Mike and Nancy Alderson.

                    Amelia Janoski has branched Military Intelligence, and is an Engineering Management (Civil Track) major. Her first assignment will be as the Graduate Assistant to the women’s soccer program until December, 2009.  She will then go to Airborne School, then to Ft. Sill for her general officer training, then to Arizona for her Military Intelligence Basic Course.  On April 25, 2009, Amelia was engaged to 1LT Rob Zargan, USMA Class of 2007.   They will likely be stationed together at Ft. Bragg after she finishes her Officer Basic Course. Amelia is the daughter of Frank and the late Debra Janoski. 

                Daniel Henry has branched Infantry.  He will report to Ft. Sill for six weeks, followed by ten months of Air Assault and Ranger training at Ft. Benning.  He will then report to his home base, Ft. Campbell as a member of the 101st Airborne.  Daniel is the son of Dan and Maggi Henry.

                Logan Phillips has branched Engineers.  He will be married the day after graduation to his fellow USMA cheerleading co-captain, Anita Salas.  He will attend officer basic training at Ft. Sill, followed by engineering training at Ft. Leonard Wood.   A physics major, Logan recently took the Major Field Test, and scored in the top 5% of all physics majors nationally.  He looks forward to the opportunity of returning to West Point in the future as a faculty member.  Logan is the son of Jim and Debbie Phillips


Hail and Farewell Meeting - June 7, 2009

This is our annual meeting to welcome our cadet candidates and families and honor our recent grads and wish them well as they begin their careers as 2nd Lieutenants in the United States Army. Come meet new and current WPPC cadets and parents, pick up your copy of the WPPC directory, learn about what to expect during Basic Training, Plebe year, etc.  This is the also the WPPC annual membership drive.  This very important meeting will be held at Kemoll's...come and enjoy a beautiful view of downtown St. Louis and wonderful lunch at our new venue. 

The Hail and Farewell Meeting will be held on Sunday, June 7 at Kemoll’s Top of the Met, One Metropolitan Square, 40th floor.  St. Louis, MO.   Please see page 3 for details.  This will be a great new location for this event with a scenic view!  The very useful member directories will be available at this meeting.  Directions to Kemoll’s can be found on our club website.


Captain Amos Bock Service Academies Scholarship

On October 23, 2006 Captain Amos Bock was killed while on patrol with his platoon near Baghdad, when his vehicle was struck by an EFP (Explosively Formed Projectile). He was a member of the 4/320th Field Artillery Battalion, 101st Airborne and a 2004 graduate of West Point.  The $2,000 scholarship was established by Amos's parents, and will be awarded on the basis of need/hardship to a new cadet entering West Point on A-Day from the Missouri area. Please submit your new cadet’s information to Jill and Riley Bock of New Madrid, Mo or email to hrbock@sbcglobal.net and please continue to pray for troops in harms way.


Annual Membership Renewals

Please renew your membership using the enclosed form.  These forms may be mailed or turned in at the upcoming June meeting.

Class of 2013 Cadet Candidates - Welcome to the following cadet candidates and their parents!

                Shawn Brands            Wildwood, MO                                    Roberto Hernandez                 Quincy, IL

                Andrew Boyd            Chesterfield, MO                                 Kiley Hunkler                          St. Louis, MO

                Kelly Cassidy             St. Peters, MO                                     Austin Keeton                         Troy, IL

                Brian Cobbs               St. Charles, MO                                   John Love                               Belleflower, MO

                Morgan Cole              Glendale, MO                                      Megan Luhrsen                       O’Fallon, IL

                Patrick Collins            St. Louis, MO                                      Andrew Mclean                      O’Fallon, IL

                Chance Davidson       Litchfield, IL                                        Alexander Pinigis                    Carterville, IL

                Erin Farinelli              Marion, IL                                            Bryan Robbins                        Shiloh, IL

                Joseph Geiger            Springfield, IL                                      Michael Sheehan                     Columbia, MO

                Charles Gerber          St. Louis, MO                                      Tim Stein                                 Colchester, IL

                Patrick Heeter             Columbia, MO                                     Jonathan Thomas                    St. Louis, MO

                Chris Boldt                 St Louis, MO                                       Chad Vessell                           St. Louis, MO


Fundraising Update – www.WestPointClassGifts.com

Marge McCullough reported very favorable comments from those who have received the Tervis tumblers embedded with class crests, and has received several repeat orders.  We have approval for the use of Class of 2009 and 2011 crests, and are awaiting approval from the Class of 2010.  The class of 2012 has just approved their crest, and we will seek approval from their class to use the crest in our tumblers.  Sara Collins has posted notices of the fundraiser on the WP parent net.  Plans are being made to market the tumblers in football and basketball programs, along with having members staff tables at events such as Ring Weekend, R Day, PPW, etc.  This fundraiser should be a source of continual revenue for our club to pursue its goals of assisting current cadets and deployed troops.  Please see the website www.WestPointClassGifts.com for details if you are interested in ordering tumblers, and please pass the website along to any interested friends or family.  These tumblers make great gifts!


Brag News

MAJ Jay Broemmel ’95 will deploy to Iraq for 4th time this September; and is stationed at Ft.  Lewis, Jay is the son of Bo & Judy Broemmel.


1LT Tirzah Eskew ’06 is at NTC in California preparing for deployment to Iraq.  Tirzah is the daughter of Gay Eskew.


1LT Mike Collins ’08 is now LT JG US Navy in SEAL Training at Coronado, CA.  Mike is the son of Mike & Sarah Collins.


2LT Sean Flachs ’08 graduated from Engineer Office Basic in March.  Currently in Airborne School and will graduate April 24th.  He will then deploy to Iraq mid-May 2009.  Sean is the son of Lorraine & Patrick Flachs.


2LT Jeffrey Nichols ’08 completed BOLC II at Ft. Sill, OK and BOLC III at Ft. Leonard Wood, MO.  He is being deployed to Iraq with the 5th Combat Engineer Battalion.  Jeffrey is the son of Dan & Lynn Nichols.


Robbie Mandel ’10 is enjoying is semester at Voronezh State University in Russia.  Robbie is the son of Alan & Annette Mandel.


Tim Thomas ’10 was part of Sandhurst Competition where company E4 placed second; plays floor hockey is a Human Geography major, spent Spring break in Mexico and will be going to Uzbekistan this summer.   Tim is the son of James & Paula Thomas.


Chris Rojewski ’11 competed in the Diving Spring Championships Ft Lauderdale in the Men’s 10 Meter Platform; qualified for the Semifinals; will be at West Point this summer for CLDT and at Ft. Benning, GA for CTLT.  Chris is the son of Chris & Vickie Rojewski.


Colin Smith, '11, was part of the cadet group that unfurled the flag during opening day at Yankee Stadium.  He will do a summer internship at the Pentagon and is a member of the lacrosse team.  Colin is the son of Susan Smith. 


Alan Spadone ’11 will do CTLT with AFRICOM in Stuttgart; will attend the American Institute on Political and Economic Systems in Prague. He has recently been selected to participate in the 2011 USMA Scholarship program.  Alan is the son of Don & Kathy Spadone.


David Bierbrauer ’12 won his first grappling match, and will be glad when his plebe year is over.


Kevin Collins ’12 is on the boxing team; will be going to Air Assault & Camp Buckner this summer. Kevin is the son of Mike & Sarah Collins.


Jacob Henry ’12 had a good time over spring break, doing well academically and is counting down the weeks to the end of the school year.  Jacob is the son of Bill & Lisa Henry.


Tate Husemann ’12 completed Sandhurst and is excited about completing his plebe year.  Tate is the son of Wayne & Kathy Husemann.


Michael Kohne ’12 plans to attend Airborne School in August.  Mike is the son of Kevin & Mary Kohne.


Patrick Collins ’13 is a new Cadet Candidate and will report to West Point June 29th.  Patrick is the son of Mike & Sarah Collins.


Joseph Geiger ’13 is a new Cadet Candidate and will report to West Point June 29th.  Joseph is the son of Mike & Virginia Geiger. 


Jonathan Thomas ’13 is a new Cadet Candidate and will report to West Point June 29th.  Jonathan is the son of James & Paula Thomas.


West Point Parent’s Club

Hail & Farewell Meeting

Sunday, June 7, 2009

11:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.



Top of the Met

One Metropolitan Square--40th floor

St. Louis, MO  63102

Lunch Menu Includes


*Cup of Soup & Breadsticks

*Lunch Entrée (Please choose one of the following entrees):

        The George Silvey the most popular sandwich in Kemoll history, created by former baseball Cardinal talent scout George Silveyroast beef on Kemoll's cheese bread served with slaw

        Kemoll's Muffaletta an Italian “deli” sandwich with giardiniera and green olive relish on ciabatta roll served with slaw

        Grilled turkey pastrami and swiss cheese on marbled rye bread served with slaw

        Chicken Caesar Salad

       *House Made Cookie

       *Coffee, tea or soft drink


Reservation deadline is Wed. May 13th

You may pay for lunch and membership dues at the meeting.

Please call/e-mail Susan Smith with menu selection(s).

314-210-4422 or paddyo1993@aol.com

I will need individual name(s) and entrée selection.



20.00 per person (includes complimentary parking)

Cadet Candidates (Class of 2013) – No charge

Current Cadets – 10.00 per cadet