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WPPC St Louis Newsletter  February, 2009


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WPPC Minutes - Scott Air Force Base, February 8, 2009

- The meeting was called to order by outgoing co-president Mike Alderson at 1100 with the Pledge of Allegiance and invocation by Mike McCullough.

- Susan Smith provided the All Academies Ball update.  Air Force will be hosting this year, and West Point has the duty again in 2011, which is the 50th anniversary of the event.   The Air Force planning group is considering a change of venue for the 2009 AAB.

-  Treasurer’s report was provided by Nancy Alderson.  The current balance on hand is $3,048.51.

-  Mike Alderson encouraged all to review the Yearly Report which we all previously received.  He also thanked Greg and Nancy Cook for their donation of football tickets to be used as fundraisers. Mike Alderson presented the slate of proposed officers, and all were approved by acclamation. 

-  Committee chairpersons are needed for the Membership and Activities committees

-  After a brief break, Mike Alderson turned the meeting over to the new club president, Alan Mandel. Alan introduced himself as the new president of the WPPC.  Son Robbie is a member of the Class of 2010. Contact Alan at dsmm001@aol.com


Old Business

- Mike McCullough encouraged all parents (especially those of new Cadets) to call other WPPC parents if anyone needs help or advice.

- Marge McCullough provided an update on the Class Tumbler fundraiser; sales have begun, feedback is positive; and pricing strategies were discussed.  Larry Krumrey (Dan ’12) volunteered to head the Fundraising committee and will continue to work on this project. A motion was entered for Larry and Marge to set prices; the motion was unanimously approved.  Members are urged to send fundraising ideas to dkbkrumrey@charter.net


New Business

- The April meeting will be held at the Concordia Lutheran Church in Kirkwood. Ruth Hemmann will help in arrangements.

- The June “Hail and Farewell” for members of the incoming Class of 2013 may be moved to a different location to encourage better attendance. 

- Tim Fowler suggested that meetings be scheduled on Sundays whenever possible, to avoid conflicts with work schedules, etc. 

-  Pat Flachs mentioned the upcoming West Point Founder’s Day program and brunch to be held on March 8 at the Missouri Athletic Club.

-  Marilyn Ballard displayed her beautiful artwork.  She generously donates a portion of her proceeds to the club.

-  Marge McCullough at marge@mccullough.cc requested that you send her the mailing address of your son/daughter if they are deployed overseas.

-  Brag news was shared, and the meeting was adjourned at 1330


New Officers for 2009/2010

                President – Alan Mandel

                Vice President – Susan Smith

                Corresponding Secretary – Bill and Lisa Henry

                Recording Secretary – Kathy Spadone

                Treasurer – Mary and Kevin Kohne

                Historian – Pam Sanfilippo


April WPPC Meeting – Sunday April 19th

The April Meeting will be held at the Concordia Lutheran Church in Kirkwood on Sunday, April 19th from 12:30 to 3:00. The address is 510 S. Kirkwood Rd, Kirkwood, MO 63122.  We will have a potluck luncheon, with the club providing fried chicken.   Members are asked to help.  The club will provide coffee, paper products, and cups.  Please bring your dishes to the luncheon according to the first letter of your last name.

                A-G          side dishes                                                              H-M        desserts

                N-S          salads                                                                     T-Z          lemonade or iced tea and ice

Four Cardinals baseball tickets will be included among the prizes in the Pot O’Gold drawing! Door prizes will be supplied by Class of 2012 parents. Thank you very much to Ruth Hemmann for reserving the room for us. RSVP by April 8 to Kathy at spadonek@charter.net or call 636-600-1106. 


Marilyn Ballard Personalized Watercolors

Marilyn Ballard would like us to know that she is able to paint a personalized watercolor of your Cadet with a West Point backdrop of your mutual choice.  She works from photos, and her work is beautiful and very professional!  The cost averages around $100, depending on the amount of work involved. She generously donates 10% of her proceeds to our WPPC. Please contact Marilyn at 636-463-1722 or msballard1@gmail.com


Fundraising Update – Class Tumblers

Please be sure to look at the website www.WestPointClassGifts.com Our club has been given exclusive license to produce these tumblers embedded with a class crest.  The Class of 2009 tumblers are available now, and other classes will be available soon.  These should be very popular items, and are projected to be a significant source of revenue for our club for years to come (similar to the Class Afghan project of the Washington DC WPPC). They will be marketed through postings on the parent-net, and hopefully we will be able to have a member stationed at major activities such as R-Day, A-Day, Army/Navy game, etc. to take orders; please call Marge at 618-263-2808 to help us in this sales effort.


Grant – THANK YOU Enterprise Rent-A-Car!

We have recently received notice that our St. Louis WPPC is the recipient of a $1000 grant from the Enterprise Rent a Car Foundation.  Our thanks to the foundation, and to Nancy Alderson, who submitted the grant on our behalf!


Brag News

Mike Edleson ’79 is a Vice President of risk management at Morgan Stanley in New York. Mike is the son of Joan Edleson.


Brenda Edleson ’84 is a Director of Software Engineering for SRA in Washington DC a DEA contractor. Brenda is the daughter of Joan Edleson.


Ltc Chris Ballard ’88 is a simulation Officer in the J5 section in Stuttgart Germany. Chris is the son of Lawrence & Marilyn Ballard


Maj Jay Broemmel ’95 has completed his 3rd tour of Iraq & Afghanistan; was an aide to Gen David Petraeus; and is Infantry Battalion Operations Officer (S3) for 1/38 Infantry, 4th Stryker Brigade Combat Team 2nd Infantry Division at Ft. Lewis, WA. Jay is the son of Bo & Judy Broemmel


Cpt Steve Hemmann ’03 is at Captain Career Course (CCC) in Ft Benning GA. Steve is the son of Dave & Ruth Hemmann.


Cpt Adrian Zdazinsky ’03 is at CCC in Ft Benning GA; has served in Iraq & Afghanistan; was awarded the Bronze Star for meritorious service and will be stationed at Ft Polk LA. Adrian is the son of Chip & Peggy Zdazinsky.


Cpt Will Eberle ’04 is at CCC in Ft Benning GA; and will join Special Forces at Ft Bragg SC. Will is the son of Phillip & Michiko Eberle.


Cpt Robert McCullough ’04 graduated from CCC at Ft Sill, OK and is part of the S5 group with the 4th Maneuver Enhancement Brigade at Ft Leonardwood MO. Robert is the son of Mike & Marge McCullough.


Cpt Justin Liesen ’05 completed a 15 month tour of Iraq (Sadr City); was awarded the Bronze Star for meritorious service and is attending CCC at Ft Leonardwood MO this coming May 2009.  He has extended his commitment an additional 3 years. Justin is the son of John & Judy Liesen.


1st Lt Mike Collins ’06 former Army Officer is currently training as a Navy Seal in Coronado CA. Mike is the son Mike & Sarah Collins


Kevin Collins ’12 is doing well and has made the Corp Squad Boxing Team and plans to go to Air Assault or Airborne School this summer.  Kevin is the son of Mike & Sarah Collins


1st Lt Joe Sanfilippo ’06 is currently serving with the 173rd Airborne in Vicenza Italy.  He is in Field Artillery as Forward Observer Officer attached to the 502 Infantry. Joe is the son of Joe & Pam Sanfilippo.


1st LT Jacob Cook (07) is currently serving north of Baghdad; is a platoon leader with 1/24 Infantry from Fairbanks, AK; and will redeploy home September 2009.  Jacob is the son of Greg and Nancy Cook.


2nd Lt Sean Flachs ’08 graduated from Engineer Officer Basic Course (OBC), is assigned to the 5th Engineers and will deploy to Iraq in April. Sean is the son of Patrick & Lorraine Flachs.


2nd Lt Rahul Harpalani ’08 will complete OBC at Ft Carson CO. Rahul is the son of Satya & Mona Harpalani


Michelle Alderson ’09 Enjoyed marching in the inaugural parade in January and will be going to Ft. Hood, TX for Medical Services Training.

Amelia Janoski ’09 was named to the Patriot League Academic Honor Roll for the fourth year in a row; will be the Women's Soccer Grad Assistant until January 2010; has qualified for academic "stars"; and has branched Military Intelligence. Amelia is the daughter of Frank Janoski.


Ben Little ’10 is majoring in Aeronautical Engineering and is a member of the Sandhurst team. Ben is the son of Thomas & Linda Little.


Robbie Mandel ’10 is in Voroneza, Russia as part of the Language Immersion program and will spend the semester studying at Voroneza State University.  Earlier this year he was in Honduras with an Aviation Brigade for CTLT. Robbie is the son of Alan & Annette Mandel.


Tim Thomas ’10 is a coach of Intramural Tackle Football; will attend Air Assault training this summer and will visit Mexico this summer with cadet friends. Tim is the son of Jim & Paula Thomas.


Josh Wiley ’10 is a member of the Orienteering team. Josh is the son of Richard & Mary Ann Wiley.


Tim Guilliams ’11 will perform CTLT (Cadet Training Leadership Training) at Ft Leonardwood; is a member of the Tackle Football Team & Intramural Rugby Teams. Tim is the son of Joe & Rhonda Guilliams.


Tom Fowler ’11 will major in Nuclear Engineering and reports yearling weekend was a blast. Tom is the son of Tim & Carolyn Fowler.


Alan Spadone ’11 is majoring in Economics & International Relations and is enjoying the lifetime sport of skiing this semester.  He will do his CTLT this summer with AFRICOM in Stuttgart, Germany. Alan is the son of Don & Kathy Spadone.


Chris Rojewski ’11 is majoring in Engineering Management with a Civil Track; will attend Air Assault training this summer; and is member of the Swim Team for the 10 meter board. The Swim Team has qualified for Patriot League Championships. Chris is the son of Chris & Vickie Rojewski


Colin Smith ’11 is majoring in Law and a member of the Lacrosse team. Colin is the son of Susan Smith.


Raymond Wagner ’11 is majoring in Economics & Electrical Engineering; made the Dean’s list, is a member of the Sandhurst Team & Combat Arms Team; will be spending part of Spring Break in Dublin, Ireland and in Luxembourg at the US Embassy. Raymond is the son of Ray & Ann Wagner


Nick Bierbrauer ’12 made the Deans List and will do Air Assault this summer. Nick is the son of Rick & Kim Bierbrauer.


Jacob Henry ’12 made the Deans List, will attend Air Assault training this summer and will be a 1st Sergeant for this coming Plebe Parent Weekend. Jacob is the son of Bill & Lisa Henry


Tate Husemann ’12 will attend Military MIAD for advanced medical training in New York City; is a member of the Intramural Football Club & Snowboard Club and Sandhurst Team. Tate is the son Kathy & Wayne Husemann


Dan Krumrey ’12 will attend Air Assault Training this coming summer.  Joined the intramural soccer team and hunting club.  Dan plans on majoring in engineering psychology.  Dan is the son of Larry & Linda Krumrey


Kevin Lucas ’12 made the Deans List; will attend Airborne Training and is a member of the Sandhurst Team. Kevin is the son of John & Coleen Lucas


Mike Kohne ’12 will attend Airborne training this summer. Mike is the son of Kevin & Mary Kohne


Austin Keeton ’13 was accepted to West Point and is very interested in the history of West Point. Austin is the son of Dan and Jobie Keeton.


Drew McLean ’13 was accepted to West Point and is very interested in the history of West Point. Drew is the son of Mark & Michele McLean


Megan Luhrsen ’13 was accepted to West Point and will be part of the Swim Team. Megan is the daughter of Doug & Nan Luhrsen.


Jacob Robbins ’13 was accepted to West Point and will be a 3rd generation Army Officer. Jacob is the son of Keith &Tracey Robbins