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WPPC St Louis  Newsletter March 2008


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February 10th Minutes -- Scott Air Force Base

The February meeting of the West Point Parents Club of St. Louis was called to order by President Patrick Flachs at 11:30 a.m. The meeting opened with the Pledge of Allegiance.  Mike McCullough offered a prayer for Cadets, soldiers and family members.


  1. A general welcome was given by Patrick Flachs with an introduction of the Officers in attendance: President: Patrick Flachs, Treasurer: Karen Hilkenkamp & Secretary: Mary Ann Wiley. A break was given so all could enjoy the brunch & share information about their Cadets and Graduates.
  2. Pat introduced Chris Marshall, USMA Rep for IL Congress District 12. Chris talked about O’Fallon high school being blessed to have four families with new Cadets for the class of 2012. Chris mentioned the involvement of parents and recommending to high school counselors getting interested in the Academy process. Chris is looking forward to working with the WPPC. Pat Flachs mentioned another way to get into West Point was through prep schools.
  3. Marge McCullough talked about shipping 40 boxes (600 lbs) of soccer items and 50 boxes (800 lbs) of Christmas Stockings to 15 soldiers from our club & Southern Illinois. She asks club members to bring socks, underwear, gum & hard candy to the April meeting for more shipments. To make a donation please write a check to Karen Hilkenkamp. Everyone can help in these efforts; for more information contact Marge at 618-263-2808
  4. Pat discussed the establishment of an annual scholarship given by Jill and Riley Bock in memory of their son, 1st Lt Amos Bock. It will be given to a new West Point Cadets starting in 2009. The club is looking volunteers for this selection process.
  5. Marilyn Ballard displayed her beautiful artwork; she generously donates 10% of her sales to the WPPC club.
  6. The meeting was adjourned. View meeting pictures at http://www.west-point.org/parent/wppc-st_louis/IClubmeetings.htm


By-Laws, WPPC Reorganization and Officer Elections

Pat Flachs discussed the By-Laws which were emailed to everyone prior to the meeting.  He explained the changes and the structure of them, also the reasons for the changes. We have a hard working club, one of the largest in the United States and many hands are needed to carry on the work of the club.   The floor was open for discussion. A motion was made and seconded for the approval of the new By-Laws.  A motion was made and approved for the following Standing Committees to be added to the WPPC Organizational Structure: President/Co-Presidents, Recording Secretary, Web master, Newsletter, Brag News, Admission Officer and Historian


Election of New Officers:

Pat first offered a note of thanks to all of the officers who served in the past year by Pat Flachs. The following slate of Officers were presented to the club:

Co Presidents:      Mike & Nancy Alderson


Corresponding Secretary: Susan Smith

Vise President:      Alan Mandel


Recording Secretary:          Kathy Spadone

Treasurer:              Karen Hilkenkamp




Founders Day at Missouri Athletic Club – Sunday April 6th (Map at http://www.mac-stl.org/audtdirections.htm)

206th Founders Day will be celebrated with a brunch from 9:00 am to 11:30 am. Lt Gen Hagenbech, Superintendent is thespeaker. All are welcome – grads, cadets, cadets with appointments, prospective candidates and WPPC members. Cost is $18 to $38/person; you may pay at the door. RSVP by 3/28/08; contact Craig Borschelt at WestPointSociety@aol.com or 636-519-7747


WPPC Meeting – April 20th (Map at http://www.west-point.org/parent/wppc-st_louis/Maps/MapCollinsville.htm)

Our next meeting will be April 20th from 12:15 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. at the Concord Lutheran Church’s Meeting Room in Kirkwood, MO. The club provides meat; please bring a plate to pass (A-H Salads, I-R Side dishes, S-Z Deserts); your drinks and utensils. Class of 2010 is responsible for door prizes. Contact Karen at Karen.Hilkenkamp@anheuser-busch.com or 636-305-7757.


West Point Society Charity Golf Tournament – August 19th

WPS St Louis "Annual Charity Golf Tournament" is scheduled for August 19 at Norwood Hills CC and is open to all. The Society needs Hole Sponsors and Groups to play. Contact Kevin Kaveney '96 at kevin.kaveney@nmfn.com or 314-746-2813.


Brag News

LTC Brenda Edleson '84 works for the DEA in Washington. Brenda is the daughter of Joan Edleson


LTC Chris Ballard '88 is with EUCOM Headquarters in Stuttgart Germany. Chris is the son of Lawrence & Marilyn Ballard


Maj Thomas Shea ’92 is stationed at Ft Bragg & will complete his 6th tour of Iraq. Tom is the son of Tom & Martha Shea


Capt Travis Jadlot '99 after several tours of Iraq & Kosovo has taken a job with a company is Houston. Travis is the son of Steve & Kathy Jadlot


Capt William Harryman '03 is with the 1st CAV 4th BCT at Ft Bliss. William is the son of Bill & Susan Harryman


Capt Steven Hemmann '03 is with the 1/15 Inf Regiment in Iraq & is moving to a Combat Outpost. Steven is the son of David & Ruth Hemmann


Capt Adrian Zdazinsky ’03 is with the 11th ACR at Ft Irwin NTC. Adrian is the son of Chip & Peggy Zdazinsky.


Capt Will Eberle '04 is with the 82nd Airborne, 1-508th INF PIR (Parachute Infantry Regiment) as a RECON Platoon leader in Afghanistan. Will is the son of Phillip & Michiko Eberle


Capt Robert McCullough '04 is with the 25th ID, 3-7 FA Battalion as an FDO (Fire Direction Officer); recently returned from 15 months in Iraq & was awarded the Bronze Star for meritorious service. Robert is the son of Mike & Marge McCullough


1st Lt Michael Collins '06 is with the 82nd Airborne, 3-73 CAV Regiment at Camp Scania, Iraq. Michael is the son of Michael & Sarah Collins


1st Lt Tirzah Eskew '06 completed SERE (survival) School training & is assigned to the 25th ID CAB as a MEDVAC pilot in Hawaii. Tirzah is the daughter of Gay Eskew


2nd Lt Jacob Cook '07 branched Infantry & is in the Mountain (2nd) phase of Ranger School.  Jacob is the son of Greg & Nancy Cook


2nd Lt Adam Hilkenkamp '07 branched MP & is completing OBLC at Ft Leonardwood. Adam is the son of Karen Hilkenkamp


2nd Lt Trevor Saunders '07 branched Infantry & is in the Mountain Phase of Ranger School. Trevor is the son of Jimmie & Paula Saunders


Sean Flachs '08 branched Engineers & attend OBLC at Ft Leonardwood. Sean is the son of Patrick & Lorraine Flachs


John Hughes '08 branched Infantry & will post to Ft Riley with the 1st ID. John is the son of Mike & Kathy Hughes


Rachel Larson '08 branched Quartermaster & will post to Germany with the 1st Armor and will attend Law Competition in Switzerland. Rachel is the daughter of Nathan & Mary Larson.


Monica Shea '08 branched Medical Service Corps & will attend OBLC at Ft Sam Houston; she also participated in AIAD training at Cape Town SA. Monica is the daughter of Tom & Martha Shea


Clinton Wing '08 branched MI & will attend Armor OBLC at Ft Knox. Clinton is the son of Steve & Becky Wing


Benjamin Little '10 was a CFT platoon leader & will attend Air Assault school this summer. Benjamin is the son of Thomas & Linda Little


Stephen Ellis '11 is part of the Brigade Boxing Tournament. Stephen is the son of Russ & Mellody Ellis


Turner Holthaus '11 is a member of the JV Lacrosse team & Paintball club; and was company commander during Plebe Parent Weekend. Turner is the son of Richard & Marta Holthaus


Tyler Saffer '11 passed the plebe APFT test. Tyler is the son of Perry & Debra Saffer


Alan Spadone '11 will participate in AIAD training with the Geography Dept in Israel this summer. Alan is the son of Donald & Kathy Spadone


Raymond Wagner ’11 is a member of the JV Rugby team. Raymond is the son of Ray & Ann Wagner.


Kevin Collins '12 is at New Mexico Military Institute & was offered an appointment to the Class of 2012. Kevin is the son of Michael & Sarah Collins