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April 29 minutes

Charity Golf Tournament

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April 29th minutes at Concordia Lutheran

The West Point Parents Club of St. Louis meeting was called to order by President Patrick Flachs at 12:15pm. Mike McCullough opened with the pledge of allegiance and gave a prayer for our service people and Frank Janoski and family. View meeting pictures at:

1.       Pat thanks David & Ruth Hemmann for the decorations and use of the church for our meeting.

2.       Pat gave updates from the WPPC Presidents Meeting recently attended:

a.       Other clubs liked our web-site because of content, links to other web-sites & Marilyn Ballard’s art work.

b.      Our club needs to provide better support for grads & their parents.

c.       “Your Soldier, Your Army: A Parents’ Guide” by Vicki Cody wife of Dick Cody ‘72 was discussed; it has great ideas for parents of deployed grads; for a free download visit the book section of our website or:

d.      USMA cadet activities are facing critical fund shortfalls; this fall the AOG will start a fundraising campaign to increase these funds. These funds will be for sports (like football), clubs (like handball) & academic development (AIAD). We will provide more AOG information at Junes meeting.

3.       Pat has Army/Navy ticket information for this year’s game; he will discuss at the June Meeting.

4.       John Hilkenkamp gave the Treasurer’s Report: as of April 29, 2007 we have a balance of $5,389.81

5.       A motion carried to donate $500.00 to Landstuhl Germany Wounded Warriors; a new Army hospital in Texas needs recliners for wounded soldiers; they can rest better than in beds. Check our web-site for more information.

6.       A motion carried to donate $100.00 to which hosts our web site.

7.       Ruth brought in several “electronic” candles which is a new idea of troop support by putting them in a front window.

8.       When sending boxes to troops don’t put tape over the address since it makes it harder to destroy the boxes. On the customs sheet you need to indicate where to send the package if its’ undeliverable – indicate the Chaplin.

9.       Bill Brink brought in 100 neck coolers to send to our soldiers/cadets – they really appreciate them.

10.   A new map of Iraq showing Army Bases is now available on our web site.

11.   James McDonnell of USO needs volunteer help for events and to help returning soldiers at the airport. Call Jim at 314-429-1234 or visit

12.   Send Brag News to Mary Ann Wiley at

13.   TSA Security Directive 1544-01-10w allows families of military members access to concourse areas & gates to escort or  meet military passengers; go to the airline that they are flying on to receive this pass.


Hail & Farewell Meeting – June 10 – 12:00 to 2:30 (

June 10 will be our annual Hail & Farewell Meeting at the Crown Plaza Hotel starting at 12:00 noon. Check our web site for a map.

Class of 2010 is responsible for door prizes. John needs plebe, yearlings & cow pictures for a slide show.

The cost of the meal is $16.00 per person.         New Cadets, Cadets & ‘07 Grads are free for the meeting.

Reservations required - contact John Hilkenkamp                     636-305-7757


Plebe Parents - Mentor Parents

USMA/congress has increased the class size for 2011; 40 new cadets have accepted admission. If you are interested in being a mentor parent please contact Marge McCullough or call 618-263-2808.


Fundraising Committee

John Hilkenkamp and Greg Cook have volunteered to co-chair this important Committee; so we can raise money for club events. We need another person to help in phone calls and business contacts; please call John at 636-305-7757.

Charity Golf Tournament

The West Point Society of St. Louis has announced its Charity Golf Tournament on Tuesday, August 21, 2007; which will be held at the Norwood Hills Country Club, 5601 Lucas Hunt Road, Saint Louis, MO 63136. All are welcome golfers & friends; for information please contact Kevin Kaveney ’96 at or call 314-991-1250.


2007 All Academies Ball

Will be held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Clayton MO on Saturday December 29th 2007; Army is the sponsor this year. Volunteers are needed to help prepare for the ball. Even if you’re a 2011 Plebe Parent you can help us; please call Mary Larson 636.947.8347.


Brag News

Capt Adam Brink ’03 is currently serving in Iraq with an Air Defense Artillery team. Adam is the son of Bill & Judy Brink.


Capt Steve Hemmann ’03 is in Iraq at FOB Hammer with the 3rd ID, 3rd BCT where he and his platoon provide command security. Steve is the son of David & Ruth Hemmann.


Capt Adrian Zdazinsky ’03 is on a 6 month deployment to Afghanistan with the 11th ACR and is XO for the headquarters company. Adrian is the son of Chip & Peggy Zdazinsky.


2nd Lt Mike Collins ’06 completed Ranger & RSLC training; he will post to the 82nd Airborne at Ft Bragg. Mike is the son of Michael & Sarah Collins.


2nd Lt Tirza Eskew ’06 has passed the FAA instrument rating; she will now start training with Blackhawk helicopters. Tirza is the daughter of Gay Eskew.


2nd Lt Adam Hilkenkamp ’07 will attend FAOBC at Ft Sill then will post to 101st Airborne at Ft Campbell. Adam is the son of John & Karen Hilkenkamp.


2nd Lt Erin Neuman ‘07 will be going to Korea after graduation & OBC training for Ordinance. She was also a part of Snow Boarding. Erin is the daughter of Mike & Jeri Neuman.


2nd Matt Roehm ’07will attend FAOBC at Ft Sill then will post to 3rd ACR at Ft Hood. Matt is the son of Chuck & LeAnn Roehm.


2nd Lt Joe Sanfilippo ’06 has completed 2 of the 3 phases of Ranger School training; he kept a daily journal of activities. Joe is the son of Joe & Pam Sanfilippo.


Sean Flachs ’08 will go to Ft Irwin for CTLT training and then Air Assault. Sean is the son of Patrick & Lorraine Flachs .


Andy Stock ’08 is a member of the Triathlon Team which finished 5th at College Nationals in Alabama. Andy is the son of James & Sally Stock.


MichelleAlderman ’09 is part of the Orienteering team and will attend Airborne School and this fall will be on exchange with the Air Force Academy. Michelle is the daughter of Michael & Nancy Alderson.


Mitchell Stock ’09 is a member of the Sprint Football team & will attend Air Assault Training. Andy is the son of James & Sally Stock.


Amelia Janoski ’09 was named Patriot League Scholar Athlete (soccer) for the 3rd time; she will be part of the Cadre for the Summer Leaders Seminar and will attend airborne training. Amelia is the daughter of Frank Janoski.


Jeff Nichols ’09 will travel to India for AIDC training then on to Fort Carson for CTLT in Military Intelligence. Jeff is the son of Dan & Lynn Nichols.


Dan Firestone ’10 is a member of his company’s Sandhurst Team and will be attending Air Assault Training. Dan is the son of Dennis & Allegra Firestone.


Joshua Wiley ‘10 has made the Dean’s list and is part of the Orienteering Team. Joshua is the son of Richard & Mary Ann Wiley.


Kevin Collins ’12 will attend the New Mexico Military Academy (NMMA) as part of the USMA prep school program. Kevin is the son of Michael & Sarah Collins.