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February11 minutes

Hail & Farewell Meeting

Deployment & War

Debra Janoski

All Academy Ball – Sponsored by Army

Charity Golf Tournament

April Meeting at Concordia Lutheran

Club Committees – need volunteers

Brag News


February 11 minutes at Scott Air Force Base

The February meeting of the West Point Parents Club of St. Louis was called to order by President Greg Cook at 10:50 am. Mike McCullough gave the prayer for cadets & soldiers worldwide. View meeting pictures at:

1.       The club thanked Russ Ellis and other for taking their time to get us on Scott Air Base. And thanks to the Ballads for donating a drawing which was raffled for the 50/50. Greg acknowledged the family of Kyle Volle Class of 2011 a new WP appointment who attended the meeting. The Minutes of December were approved.

2.       A Treasure's report was given Mr. Hilkenkamp reported a 2/28/2007 balance of $5,091.00 which includes expenses of $1,300 for our last meeting; $1,709 for shipments to our troops; $640 for cadet expenses & $200 for Wounded Warriors.

3.       Pat Flachs was recognized as our new President who will attend the presidents meeting at WP. The current authorized expense amount is $500.00; but our club approved cost which will cover the base cost of trip so he can be reimbursed.

4.       Marge McCullough was recognized for making up 52 boxes of soccer items for children of Iraq. Marge has raised $800 from churches, Eagles & American Legion.

5.       Greg read our mission statement that we are a 501C3 club and Mike McCullough setup a letter which we send out for each donation received in order to comply with 501C3 reporting requirement.

6.       2007 – 2008 Officers were elected: Patrick Flachs as President; Frank Janoski as Vice President; Mary Ann Wiley as Secretary; and John Hilkenkamp as Treasurer. Thank you for volunteering!

7.       Motion were made & seconded for:

a.       A $500 donation for the 1st Lt Amos Bock Scholarship fund & $200 for Wounded Warriors in Landstuhl

b.       Pay for members’ cadets to attend the Academy ball

c.        That our club should clarify it 501c3 annual reporting requirements


Debra Janoski

Wife of Frank '74 & mother of Amelia '09 passed away Sunday March 18, 2007. All of us are so sorry for their loss. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family. Contributions may be made to the American Cancer Society. Thanks to Karen Hilkenkamp for our flower arrangement. For further information:


April 29 Meeting at Concordia Lutheran Church (

Cost is $5.00/person                                                          Reservations are needed for meat purchase and due by Monday April 23

Reservations please contact John Hilkenkamp           636-305-7757            

The meeting will start at 12:00 noon                               Class of 2009                       is responsible for door prizes.


Hail & Farewell Meeting – June 10

June 10 will be our annual Hail & Farewell Meeting at the Crown Plaza Hotel so please mark you calendar. We will make contacts for the new appointments but if you know of someone please invite them & their family. Please email any Plebe ’10 or Yearling ‘09 photos to John Hilkenkamp for a presentation at this meeting.


All Academy Ball – Sponsored by Army

Mary Larson has volunteered to be chairperson for the 2007 ball. The Crown Plaza has been reserved for December 22 or 28, 2007, so mark your calendars and plan on coming. Mary reported on the success of the 2006 Ball; the cost was $40 per person which covered most of the expense. However without corporate donations this fee would have been much higher. In order to keep the cost to a reasonable amount; we need a few corporate donations. Please contact Mary if you wish to help at 636-947-8347 or


Club Committees – need volunteers

A Fundraising Committee to raise money from June thru November for club events by letters & contacts. These donations are tax deductible. Greg Cook & John Hilkenkamp have volunteered but we need a few more; please contact John at 636-305-7757.


An Event Planning Committee to help at R-Day, A-Day and for Tail Gates when Army Teams are in St. Louis Area. Linda Little volunteered to represent our club at R-day and A-day at West Point. Please contact Patrick at 636-530-7857.


Deployment & War

The US Army has setup several websites and has documents available to help in coping with your cadet’s deployment:

Coping with War - Resilience in a time of war; The Emotional Cycle of Deployment - A Military Family Perspective; Battle mind Training - Transitioning from Combat to Home. For copies of these documents visit our website at:


Charity Golf Tournament

The West Point Society of St. Louis has announced its Charity Golf Tournament on Tuesday, August 21, 2007 all are welcome. It will be held at the Norwood Hills Country Club, 5601 Lucas Hunt Road, Saint Louis, MO 63136. For information please contact Chairperson is Kevin Kaveney ’96 at or 314-991-1250.


Brag News

LTC Mike Edleson ’79 (ret) is a director for Morgan Stanley in New York City. Mike is the son of Joan Edleson


LTC Brenda Edleson ’84 (ret) is working in Washington DC on a government project. Brenda is the daughter of Joan Edleson


LTC Chris Ballard ’88 is part of the US Army FORSCOM in Stuttgart Germany working with simulations. Chris is the son of Larry & Marilyn Ballard.


MAJ Tom Shea ’92 has deployed to Iraq 5 times and is currently stationed at Ft Bragg. Tom is the son of Tom & Martha Shea.


MAJ Jay Broemmel ‘95 completed his Master’s Degree from the Naval Post Graduate School in Monterrey and will return to Ft Leavenworth for additional training. Jay is the son of Bo & Judy Broemmel


CPT Travis Jadlot ’99 returned from a 2nd tour of Iraq as an Engineer Company Commander of Ordnance disposal and will now help with training at NTC at Ft Irwin CA. Travis is the son of Steve & Kathy Jadlot


CPT George McCullough ’00 (ret) is a marketing manager for International Engine group in Chicago. George is the son of Mike & Marge McCullough.


CPT Adam Brink ’03 is part of an Army & Iraqi team for New Defense Operations. Adam is the son of Bill & Judy Brink.


CPT Steve Hemmann ’03 is Brigade Security Platoon leader with the 3rd ID 3rd BCT in Iraq. Steve is the son of David & Ruth Hemmann


CPT Adrian Zdazinsky ’03 has deployed to Afghanistan and is a new father. Adrian is the son of Chip & Peggy Zdazinsky.


1st LT Will Eberle ’04 has deployed to Afghanistan with the 82nd Airborne, 4th BCT, 2-508 INF Battalion. Will is the son of Phillip & Michiko Eberle.


1st LT Robert McCullough ’04 is serving in Iraq as FA officer with the 25th ID, 3rd BCT, 2-27 INF Battalion. Robert is the son of Mike & Marge McCullough.


2nd LT Tirza Eskew ‘06 completed the Medical Service Corp OBC at Ft Sam Houston and has passed the pre-flight requirements for helicopter training at Ft Rucker. Tirza is the daughter of Gay Eskew.


2nd LT Mike Collins ’06 graduated from Ranger Course; will attend RSLC (Recon Surveillance Leader Course) and will post to the 3rd ID, 3 BCT, 1-504 INF Battalion in May. Mike is the son of Mike & Sarah Collins.


2nd LT Joe Sanfilippo ’06 was 4th in the FA Officer Basic Course; he will attend Ranger Course in March and Post to Vincenza Italy with the 173rd Airborne BCT. Joe is the son of Joe & Pam Sanfilippo.


Jacob Cook ’07 has made the dean’s list every semester; is the Regimental Systems Officer; is a member of the Orienteering team; has branched Infantry and will post to Ft Lewis with the 2nd ID, 2nd BCT, 2-1 INF Battalion. Jacob is the son of Greg & Nancy Cook


Adam Hilkenkamp ’07 is part of the IM swim team has branched FA and will post to Ft Campbell with 101st Airborne. Adam is the son of John & Karen Hilkenkamp.


Matt Roehm ’07 has branched Field Artillery & will post to Ft Hood TX with the 2nd Calvary Regiment; he is looking forward to graduation. Matt is the son of Chuck & LeAnn Roehm.


Maria Schmitz ’07 is co-captain of the Soccer Team and will be a Grad Assistant this fall. Maria is the daughter of Tony & Jeanne Schmitz.


Trevor Saunders ’07 has branched Infantry and has made the dean’s list. Trevor is the son of Jimmie & Paula Saunders.


Josh Zargan ’07 has branched Field Artillery & will post to Ft Hood TX; he is a member of the Rugby Team. Josh is the son of COL Curt & Mary Zargan.


Monica Shea ’08 has made the dean’s list for all semesters is S3 for the Regiment and will go to Capetown Africa for AIAD. Monica is the daughter of Tom & Martha Shea.


Sean Flachs ’08 as part of the Rugby team will travel to play #3 University of California. Sean is the son of Patrick & Lorraine Flachs.


Logan Phillips ’09 is a member of the Varsity Cheerleading Team and as part of AIAD engineering he will help develop body armor for the Army this summer. Logan is the son of Jim & Debbie Phillips.


Spencer Hampton ’10 is member of the Varsity Lacrosse Team; says WP is a great experience and would like more sleep time. Spencer is the son of Stephanie Hampton.


Robbie Mandel ’10 survived the plebe 1st semester and has made some great friends. Robbie is the son of Alan & Annette Mandel.


Tim Thomas ’10 is a member of the Taiquando club team and Cavalry Scouts Team. Roger is the son of Jim & Paula Thomas.


Joshua Wiley ’10 is a member of the Orienteering club team, likes history courses & has passed Plebe swimming. Joshua is the son of Richard & Mary Ann Wiley.