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December 10 minutes

All Academies Ball 2006

Brag News

February Meeting at Scott Air Base

Summer Leaders Session


2007 Class Pistol

2007 Club Officers



December 10 minutes at Rend Lake

The December meeting of the West Point Parents Club of St. Louis was called to order by President Greg Cook at 12:30 p.m. Mike McCullough gave the prayer for cadets & soldiers worldwide. View meeting pictures at:

1.       Capt Ron Perry ‘ 97 gave an excellent review of his days at the academy and his experiences in Iraq as a FA company commander

2.        2nd Lt Robert Vietor sent in a thank you for his nameplate the club gave him on his 2006 graduation

3.       Sgt Michael Bradley of the 227th Infantry Battalion sent a thank you for the Care Package sent by our club

4.       Greg Cook recommended that we should have a committee for our fund raising efforts – volunteers are requested

5.       We also discussed if our club should have a presence for A-Day.

6.       Motion were made & seconded for the following:

a.       A $500 donation for the 1st Lt Amos Bock Scholarship fund & $200 for Wounded Warrior in Landstuhl

b.       Pay for members’ cadets to attend the Academy ball

c.        That our club should clarify it 501c3 annual reporting requirements

7.       John Hilkenkamp gave the Treasurer’s Report; as of January, 2007 we have a balance of $4,871.81.


Sunday 02/11/2007 – Meeting at Scott Air Force Base (

Cost is $15.00/person                                         Reservations due by Wednesday January 31, 2007    You may pay at the meeting

Please contact John Hilkenkamp at                                636-305-7757                 for Reservations

The meeting will start at 10:30 am                  Class of 2008       is responsible for door prizes.

Scott’s Officer Club has one of the largest buffet luncheons in the area with over 100 entrées! This is military installation; you must call or email your reservation to John. We will create an admission pass which will be given out at the main gate on the day of the event. You must bring a photo ID of all attendees & your vehicle’s registration & insurance. Thanks to Russell & Melody Ellis (Stephan’10) for helping on this!


2007 Class Pistol

This year 2 pistols are available – a 1911 Colt 45ACP & a 1917 Smith & Wesson 45ACP. These items are available for purchase and make great gifts for the new 2nd Lt anyone can order these pistols. For further information please see our web site at






All Academies Ball 2006

The All Academy Ball was held on Friday, December 22 at the Crowne Plaza hotel in Clayton. Over 200 attended this event; one of the largest groups ever. The Air Force had 19 cadets, Army had 16 cadets and Navy had 16 cadets. Retired Colonel Ross Blake gave an excellent talk on his adventures as a World War II Army pilot. A very special thanks to Mary Larson, Karen Hilkenkamp, Patrick Wolk, Mary Ann Wiley, Linda Little, Debbie Phillips and Christy Maginn for their help in this a great event – we really appreciate this! For next year we will need more corporate sponsors to help keep the cost of this event down; please call Karen Hilkenkamp at 636-305-7757 to help. Pam’s photos took picture of all cadets & families to view pictures visit click on VIEW.


Summer Leaders Session at West Point for High School Juniors

West Point will again offer a 1 week orientation for high school juniors on June 2-8 and on June 9-15. The program cost $325 which covers all food, workshop materials, West Point clothing. You are required to provide your own transportation. This program gives the student an opportunity to see the requirements of attending West Point and at the same time West Point will have a chance to evaluate a potential candidate. Out of 800 students who attend this session 200 are eventually offered admission. Application deadline is April 1. For more information contact Mike McCullough at 618-263-7828. You may apply on line at


2007 Club Officers

According to our by-laws we need to nominate members for the various positions in our club. This year we need 1 volunteer from the Class of  2010 for the position of secretary. If you volunteer, eventually you will be President of the club (3 years later) and the club will provide $500 in travel expenses to West Point to meet with club presidents from around the country!

President              Patrick Flachs (Sean ’08)                                                 Vice President     Frank Janoski (Amelia ’09)

Secretary              Class of 2010                                                                       Treasurer             John Hilkenkamp (Adam ’07)


Brag News

1st Lt Will Eberle ’04 has deployed to Afghanistan with the 3rd Brigade 1-508th Infantry Battalion. Will is the son of Phillip & Michiko Eberle.


2nd Lt Mike Collins ’06 made it to the 170 lb class semifinals of the All Army Combative (“ultimate fighting” a combination of wrestling, jujitsu, & boxing) Tournament and he started Ranger School last week. Mike is the son of Mike & Sarah Collins.

2nd Lt Sarath Priya Rednam ‘06 is Evacuation Platoon Leader for the 36th ASMC. She is on a one year deployment to Camp Bucca in Iraq. Sarath is the daughter of Dr Krishana & Chandra Rednam.


Maria Schmitz ’07 was the co-captain for the Army Women Soccer Team & will work as a Grad Assistant after graduation & Officer Basic Training. Maria is the daughter of Tony & Jeanne Schmitz.

Matthew Roehm ’07 was part of the Army team who participated in the Patriot games (before the Army/Navy game). He participated in three of the five events and Army beat Navy!!! Matthew accepted the trophy on behalf of the Army team The Army has won the last two games. Mathew is the son of Charles & Le Ann Roehm.


Mitchell Stock ’09 is a member of the Sprint football team. Mitchell is the son of James & Sally Stock


Kirk Chitwoood ’10 started practice for the Track & Cross Country Team. Kirk is the son of Ron & Linda Chitwood.

Daniel Firestone ’10 is a member of his company’s Sandhurst team and will try out for the Ice Hockey Team. Daniel is the son of Dennis & Allegra Firestone

Therese Fox ’10 started spring practice for the Army Women's Soccer Team. Therese is the daughter of Tom & Cheryl Fox.

Brian Maginn ’10 received his scuba license last semester and is part of the spirit band this semester. Brian is the son of Denny & Christi Maginn.

Michael McGee ’10 is doing well academically and is a member of his company’s Sandhurst team. Michael is the son of Wayne & Linda McGee.

Andy Stock ’10 is a member of the Triathlon team. Andy is the son of James & Sally Stock.

Justin Welch ’10 is member of the intramural Wrestling Team. Justin is the son of Steve & Pat Welch.

Joshua Wiley ’10 is a member of the Orienteering Team. Joshua is the son of Richard & Mary Ann Wiley.