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September 16 minutes

Army’s new BOLC training

Soccer Club Donation

1st Lt Amos C R Bock

Class of 2007 Branch Selection

All Academy Ball - 2006

December Meeting at Rend Lake

Christmas Letters for Our Troops

Brag News


September 16 minutes at SportZone

The September meeting of the West Point Parents Club of St. Louis was called to order by President Greg Cook at 12:30 p.m. Mike McCullough gave the prayer for our new cadets & soldiers worldwide. View meeting pictures at:

We packed “boodle” for 50 cadets and 20 graduates. Greg & Nancy purchased many of the supplies for this effort – a big thanks for this. We sent a variety of items – gum, candy, pens, notepads, etc.

After boodle assembly, we had a great time viewing the Army vs Texas A & M game. There were several graduates in attendance as we also notified the St Louis AOG of our club’s meeting.

John Hilkenkamp gave the Treasurer’s Report; as of November, 2006 we have a balance of $5,011.00.


1st Lt Amos C R Bock – Field Artillery – Class of 2004

1st Lt Camden Bock, 24, of New Madrid, Mo., died on Oct. 23 in Baghdad, Iraq, from injuries suffered when an EFP (explosively formed projectile) detonated near his vehicle. His awards and decorations include the Purple Heart, Bronze Star, National Defense Service Medal; Army Service Ribbon; Overseas Service Ribbon; Iraq Campaign Medal; Global War on Terrorism Service Medal; Combat Action Badge; Air Assault Badge; and Ranger Tab. Several of our club members attended the viewing and funeral: Greg & Nancy Cook, Mike & Marge McCullough, John & Joann Johannes, Dale & Rhonda Penn, LeAnn Roehm, Phillip & Michiko Eberle, Mike & Sarah Collins and Chip & Peggy Zdazinsky. Amos’s classmates were also there to share our sorrow: Sean Quinn, Ethan Richardson, Travis Marks, Benjamin Neusse, Sean & Amy Laehman, Jacob Bergman, John Nichols.

Amos gave the ultimate sacrifice, and for that we will be forever grateful. May the Lord redeem this terrible loss and may God bring comfort and peace to his family - Riley, Jill & Mariah Bock.



Sunday 12/10/2006 – Meeting at Rend Lake Resorts (Thanks Greg for setting this up!)

We are privileged to have Capt (Ret) Ron Perry ’95 as a speaker; he will talk about his experiences after graduation including a tour of

Iraq as a Field Artillery Officer.                                                                        Cost is $15.00/person (includes gratuity)

Reservations are due by Friday November 28, 2006                                   Pay at the meeting.             Go to our web site for a Map

Please contact John Hilkenkamp at                                                                                636-305-7757

The meeting will start at 1:00 pm                                                                     Class of 2007 are responsible for door prizes.


Army’s new BOLC training

By now most of the class of 2006 grads have completed the Army’s BOLC training After BOLC they will attend branch specific OBC training. These courses are designed to integrate officers from West Point, ROTC and OCS into the regular Army. BOLC (Basic Officer Leaders Course) is a 7 week training course whose primary mission is to teach all officers on how to secure convoys and set up FOBs (Forward Operating Base). The Army is cross training its officers to help take the load off of Infantry soldiers. One of our grads felt the West Pointers were better prepared for the weapons and combative training.


Christmas Letters & Shipments for Our Troops

Our troops and grads will be serving this Christmas for our freedom; please remember them by sending a card, letter, or package. Call Marge McCullough 618-263-2808 or LeAnn Roehm 618-694-4243 for soldier’s names. We have instructions on how to send packages to an APO: visit:


Maryland Heights Soccer Club Donation

John Hilkenkamp has been helpful in getting a donation of 24 used soccer uniforms. With the efforts of the 25th Infantry Division these uniforms will be given to several villages near the 25th’s Patrol Area. The uniforms were used by St. Louis Stars which merged with the St Louis Metro Strikers Soccer Club. If you wish to donate please contact Marge McCullough 618-263-2808 or visit:


Class of 2007 Branch Selection – Job well done; we are all proud of your efforts!

Jacob Cook


David Rose

Military Intelligence

Nolan Cork

Military Intelligence

Trevor Saunders


Adam Hilkenkamp

Field Artillery

Maria Schmitz

Adjutant General

Erin Neumann


Michael Wolk


Matthew Roehm

Field Artillery




All Academies Ball 2006 – sponsored by Air Force

The All Academy Ball will be held on Friday, December 22, from 6:00 to 12:00 p.m. It will be at the Crowne Plaza hotel in Clayton; Cost is $40/person & the Crowne has special rates. Invitations will be mailed; women cadets will be allowed to change into ball gowns. If you do not receive an invitation or know of someone who was not invited please call Mary Larson 636-947-8347 or Karen Hilkenkamp 636-305-7757. Thanks to Mary, Karen, Patrick Wolk, Mary Ann Wiley, Linda Little, Debbie Phillips and Christy Maginn for their help in this a great event – we really appreciate this!


Brag News (To submit send an email to

Col Robert Massie ’83 is at Scott AFB. Robert is the son of Charles & Karen Massie.

Col Lance Lawson ’84 is in Transcom at Scott AFB. Lance is the son of Lionel & Bonnie Lawson.

LTC Bradley Golden ’89 is Asst Director of Med Srv Corps at Ft Sam Houston. Bradley is the son of John & Jeanette Golden.


Capt Brian Koyn ’94 is now a Chaplin with the 176th & has toured Panama 3 times as an Infantry Ranger. Brian is the son of Don & Roz .Koyn


Maj Jay Broemmel ’95 is attending Naval Post Grad School in Monterey CA. Jay is the son of Bo & Judy Broemmel.


Capt Chris Thodoropoulos ’98 is currently a Basic Training Commander at Ft Jackson; in July 2007 he will attend a one year Russian Language course at the National Defense College in Monterey CA before being deployed to Russia. Chris is the son of George & Alice Thodoropoulos.


Capt Jason Whipple ’98 is completing his Master’s in Engineering at Univ. of Illinois; he will teach at West Point. Jason is the son of Susan Whipple.


Capt Travis R Jadlot ’99 is an Engineer Company Commander responsible for disengagement of bombs. Travis is the son of Steve & Kathy Jadlot.


Capt Adrian Zdazinsky ’03 was awarded the Bronze Star for honorable command in combat in Iraq. Adrian is the son of Chip & Peggy Zdazinsky.


Capt Adam Brink ’03 is in Air Defense Artillery at Colorado Springs. Adam is the son of Bill & Judy Brink.


Capt Jack Johannes ’03 is Battalion plans officer at Ft Leonardwood. Jack is the son of John & Joann Johannes.


1st Lt Will Eberle’ 04 helped provide security for 4 months in Baghdad for December 05 Iraq elections. Will is the son of Phillip & Michiko Eberle.

1st Lt David Howald ’04 platoon guarded oil pipelines & trained Iraqi soldiers. David is the son of Kent & Betty Howald

1st Lt Robert McCullough ’04 is a FSO platoon leader with the 25th ID in Iraq. Robert is the son of Mike & Marge McCullough.

1st Lt Sarah Penn ’04 has command of soldiers at NATO in Italy. Sarah is the daughter of Dale & Rhonda Penn.


2nd Lt Justin Liesen ’05 is a platoon leader with a Stryker BCT in Germany. Justin is the son of John & Judy Liesen.


2nd Lt Tirzah Eskew ’06 has completed BOLC at Ft Sam Houston & is in Helicopter training at Ft Rucker. Tirzah is the daughter of Gay Eskew


Amelia Janoski ’09 was awarded an academic star & plays for the Army soccer team. Amelia is the daughter of Frank & Debra Janoski.