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June 11 minutes

Saturday 9/16/06 Boodle Meeting

Cadets at June Meeting

Grads at June Meeting


Brag News


June 11 Minutes at Crowne Plaza Hotel

The June meeting of the West Point Parents Club of St. Louis was called to order by President Greg Cook at 12:30 p.m. Mike McCullough gave the prayer for our new cadets & soldiers worldwide .View meeting pictures at:

Greg Cook recognized Mike & Sarah Collins for their efforts as last years club President. He presented them with a special plate from West Point. Greg also recognized all previous club presidents who were in attendance.

Greg congratulated all 2006 grads and their parent in attendance – Mike & Sarah Collins, Gay Eskew, Jane Fullmer, Ying Cai & Lin Ying.

Patrick Flachs talked on the top 10 items a parent should do before their son or daughter enters West Point.

Mike & Marge McCullough talked on the different web sites and their many benefits to all parents. Patrick and Mike’s notes are available at our web site and are now included in our club directory.

Frank Janoski talked about the many items new cadets & parents will experience on R-day, A-day, and the beginning of the academic year. Frank encouraged all new members to call anyone in our club for help.

John Hilkenkamp prepared an excellent power point presentation on the R-day & A-day from last year’s class of 2009.

The meeting ended with a questions & Answers Session.

Greg also mentioned that our club will have a table setup in Eisenhower Hall on R-day to help all members.


John Hilkenkamp gave the Treasurer’s Report; as of June 11, 2006 we have a balance of $3,551.47.


Saturday 09/16/2006 – Boodle Meeting – Care packages for cadets &soldiers – A night out with friends

This is our annual meeting to send care packages to our cadets & soldiers and one of our club’s primary missions.


At the SportsZone at Kenrick Plaza St Louis off I44; Cost is $12.50/person (includes gratuity & keg beer/soda beverages)

Reservations are due by Friday September1, 2006.                     You may pay at the meeting.

Please contact John Hilkenkamp at                                              636-305-7757


The meeting will start at 6:00 pm                                     Grad Parents are responsible for door prizes.

2 hour buffet will be served from 7:00 until 9:00. Army vs Texas A & M begins at 8:15 - Big Screen TV’s everywhere


Cadets at June Meeting

Thanks to these cadets and their parents for helping make this meeting a success: Amelia Janoski ‘09, Tyfani Hulse ‘09, Sam Fullmer ‘09, Kyle Wooten ‘09, Ed Olson ‘09, Logan Phillips ‘09, Mitchell Stock ‘09 and Clint Wing ‘08. View these cadets at


More New Members (Welcome to our Club!)


Ron & Linda Chitwood                      Kirk                        2010

Eric & Kris Dornbush                          Devin                     2010

Mark & Deborah Eischer                   John                       2010

Russ & Mellody Ellis                           Stephen                 2010

Dennis & Allegra Firestone                Daniel                    2010

Tom & Cheryl Fox                              Therese                  2010

Mark & Sherry Goldstein                   Logan                    2011

Stephanie Hampton                           Spencer                  2010

Thomas & Linda Little                       Benjamin              2010

Paul & Deb Lohmuller                        Christine                2010

Tom & Lori Luebbering                     Zach                       2010

Denny & Christi Maginn                    Brian                      2010


Alan & Annette Mandel                     Robbie                   2010

Wayne & Linda McGee                     Michael                 2010

Keith & Barbara Mullenger               K. Charles             2010

Michael & Kay Scott                          Phillip                     2010

James & Sally Stock                           Andrew                  2010

Jim & Paula Thomas                          Timothy                                2010

Joseph & Elaine Thomure                 Lisa Lynn              2010

Steve & Pat Welch                              Justin                      2010

Richard & Mary Ann Wiley              Joshua                   2010

Saty & Mona Harpalani                    Rahul                     2008



Graduates at June Meeting

Thanks to 2nd Lt Mike Collins ‘06 and his parents for giving a great talk at the June Meeting. View Mike at


Brag News (To submit send an email to

1st Lt William Harryman ‘03, is stationed in Hanau Germany with ADA (Air Defense Artillery) & will begin Advanced Officer Basic Course (AOBC) in Texas. William is the son of Bill & Susan Harryman.


1st Lt Steve Hemman ‘03 graduated from Ranger School at Ft Benning, GA. Steve is the son of David & Ruth Hemmann.


1st Lt David Howald ‘04 is serving as a Fire Support Officer (FSO) with 101st Airborne Div, 3rd BCT 1-187th Infantry Regiment. David is the son of Kent & Betty Howald.


2nd Lt Joe Sanfilippo ’06 was pictured in the July issue of AOG Assembly with a presentation on RFI. Joe is the son if Joe & Pam Sanfilippo.


Amelia Janoski '09 made the Dean's List for the second consecutive semester & scored 360 (out of 300) on the APFT at Camp Buckner. Amelia is the daughter of Frank & Debra Janoski.


Logan Phillips ‘09 graduated from St Charles West High school & is on the Cheerleading Team. Logan is the son of Jim & Debbie Phillips.


Lauren Beckler ‘10 graduated from Pleasant Plains high school & is not sure of a sport. Lauren is the daughter of Terry & Melissa Beckler.


Kirk Chitwood ‘10 graduated from Parkway South high school & will tryout for Track & Cross Country. Kirk is the son of Ron & Linda Chitwood.


Devin Dornbush ‘10 graduated from Carthage high school & will tryout for Sprint Football. Devin is the son of Eric & Kris Dornbush.


John Eischer ‘10 graduated from Lutheran South High school John is the son of Mark & Deborah Eischer.


Stephen Ellis ‘10 graduated from graduated from USMA Prep School & will tryout for Rugby. Steve is a guidon for Company A and this is 3rd boot camp training in 4 years. Stephen is the son of Russ & Mellody Ellis.


Daniel Firestone ‘10 graduated from Marquette high school & is not sure of a sport. Daniel is the son of Dennis & Allegra Firestone.


Therese Fox ‘10 graduated from Cor Jesu Academy & will tryout for Soccer. Therese is the daughter of Tom & Cheryl Fox.


Spencer Hampton ‘10 graduated from Desmet Jesuit high school & will tryout for Lacrosse. Spencer is the son of Stephanie Hampton.


Benjamin Joseph Little ‘10 graduated from St Teresa high school & is not sure of a sport. Benjamin is the son of Thomas & Linda Little.


Christine Marie Lohmuller ‘10 graduated from St Joseph Christian high school & will tryout for Soccer. Christine Marie is the daughter of Paul & Deb Lohmuller.


Zach Luebbering ‘10 graduated from Fatima high school & is not sure of a sport. Zach is the son of Tom & Lori Luebbering.


Brian J Maginn ‘10 graduated from USMA Prep School & is not sure of a sport. Brian is the son of Denny & Christi Maginn.


Robbie Mandel ‘10 graduated from Mary Institute & Country Day School & will tryout for Varsity Football. Robbie is the son of Alan & Annette Mandel.


Michael McGee ‘10 graduated from John Burroughts high school & will tryout for Sprint Football. Michael is the son of Wayne & Linda McGee.


K. Charles Mullenger ‘10 graduated from Saddlebrook Prep high school & will tryout for Tennis. K. Charles is the son of Keith & Barbara Mullenger.


Phillip Scott ‘10 graduated from Home schooled & will tryout for a combative sport - boxing or fencing. Phillip is the son of Michael & Kay Scott.


Andrew Stock ‘10 graduated from Principia Upper High school & will try out for Track. Andrew is the son of James & Sally Stock.


Timothy James Thomas ‘10 graduated from Oakville High School & might walk on for Army Baseball. Timothy is the son of Jim & Paula Thomas.


Lisa Lynn Thomure ‘10 graduated from Whitfield high school & will tryout for Soccer. Lisa is the daughter of Joseph & Elaine Thomure.


Justin Welch ‘10 graduated from Tremont high school & is not sure of a sport. Justin is the son of Steve & Pat Welch.


Joshua S Wiley ‘10 graduated from Pleasant Plains High school & will tryout for Track & Cross Country. Joshua is the son of Richard & Mary Ann Wiley.


Logan Goldstein ‘11 graduated from Wentzville Holt High School & is not sure of a sport. Logan will attend USMA Prep School at Ft Monmouth NJ. Logan is the son of Mark & Sherry Goldstein.