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April 23 minutes

New Officers & New Members

June 11, 2006 Meeting

OSOT - Wounded Warriors,

OSOT - Wheels for Warriors

Brag News


April 23 Minutes at Concordia Lutheran Church

The April meeting of the West Point Parents Club of St. Louis was called to order by President Greg Cook at 12:30 p.m. Mike McCullough gave the prayer for our troops and for Maggie Dixon head coach of the USMA women’s basketball team. You may view our meeting pictures:

  1. Greg reported on his trip to West Point for the Annual Parent Club Conference and Greg proposed the following budget for 2006-2007: Academy Ball $500, Boodle for cadets & graduates $600, Wheels for Warriors donations $500, WPPC president conference $500, Rday presence at West Point $1,000, and other donations/activities $1,900.
  2. In order to support these new activities, our club will need the financial help of all members and the St Louis AOG (Association of Graduates).
  3. Cadets who are home on leave are covered by Tri-Care medical. If your cadet needs help, please contact Tri-Care for approval before seeking medical help.
  4. In a new club mentor program, we will assign new cadet parents to club members so they can keep in contact and encourage our new members to come to meetings.
  5. We will have several guest speakers at our June meeting; to help explain some of the important points of our club and West Point. And we will provide a new membership guide for all new members.
  6. John Hilkenkamp gave the Treasurer’s Report; as of April, 2006 we have a balance of $3,551.47.


New Officers for 2006-2007 (Thanks for all your help!)

                President – Greg Cook (Jacob ’07)                                                   Vice President – Patrick Flachs (Sean ’08)

                Treasurer – John Hilkenkamp (’07)                                                 Secretary – Frank Janoski (Amelia ’09)


New Members (Welcome to our Club!)

Terry & Melissa Beckler



Ron & Linda Chitwood



Eric & Kris Dornbush



Tom & Cheryl Fox



Saty & Mona Harpalani

Rahul Neil


Paul & Deb Lohmuller

Christine Marie


Tom & Lori Luebbering



Denny & Christi Maginn

Brian J


Wayne & Linda McGee



Joseph & Elaine Thomure

Lisa Lynn


Steve & Pat Welch



Richard & Mary Ann Wiley

Joshua S



June 11, 2006 Meeting – Hale & Farewell – Crowne Plaza in Clayton, MO

This will be our chance to congratulate our 9 graduates and welcome the 15 new cadets/members from the St Louis Area.

The meeting will consist of: Several old grad & new grad speakers, Questions & Answers Session, New Cadet Meeting with Yearling Cadets, Video/Pictures of Rday 2005, WPPC St Louis Handbook & Member Directory, & Meet WPPC Members


Cost is $14.00 per person (includes gratuity), New Graduates, Cadets & New Cadets are paid for by the Club

Reservations are due by Friday June 2, 2006.                              You may pay at the meeting.

Please contact John Hilkenkamp at 636-305-7757 or

Menu will be Turkey club croissant sandwich, potato salad, fresh fruit garnish, drinks and dessert.


The meeting will start at 12:00 pm.                                                 Class of 2009 will be responsible for door prizes.




OSOT – Wounded Warriors - Landsthul Germany Hospital

Marge McCullough reported on our club’s effort to send athletic shoes, socks, and underwear to injured soldiers. Some of these men & women are flown within 6 hours from the battlefields of Iraq with little or no clothing. Landsthul receives almost 10,000 injured soldiers per year. Check our website at:


OSOT - Wheels for Warriors (WFW)

Our club helped OSOT present WFW’s specially configured van worth $50,000 to Jose Gallo who was severely injured last year in Iraq. You may make donations to OSOT-Wheels for Warriors, P O Box 404, North Kingstown, RI 02852. Check our website at:


Brag News (To submit send an email to

LTC Chris Ballard ’88 is Chief of Training for Coalition Forces in Kuwait. Chris is the son of Lawrence & Marilyn Ballard.


1st Lt Jack Johannes ’03 is with the 1st Engineer Battalion, 1st Brigade of the 1st Infantry Division at Ft Riley KS. Jack is now serving as Battle Captain and recently returned from his 1st tour of Iraq. Jack is the son of John & Joann Johannes.


1st Lt Steve Hemmann ’03 is in the final phase of Ranger. Steve is the son of Dave & Ruth Hemmann.


1st Lt Robert McCullough ’04 will spend a month at the US Army National Training Center (NTC) at Ft Irwin CA. Robert is the son of Mike & Marge McCullough.


Tirzah Eskew ’06 brother will pin her 2nd Lt bars after graduation; he will fly in from Korea. Tirzah is the daughter of Gay Eskew.


Mike Collins ’06 will post to the 101st Airborne at Ft Campbell KY and almost maxed the PT test at 298 points. Mike is the son of Mike & Sarah Collins.


Joe Sanfilippo ’06 will be XO (2nd in command) at the New York State Special Olympics on May 6 at West Point. After graduation, Joe will also attend BOLC a six week Army training exercise for new grads. Joe is the son of Joe & Pam Sanfilippo.


Jacob Cook ’07 will be XO at Buckner & will travel to Senegal Africa this summer. Jacob is the son of Greg & Nancy Cook.


Adam Hilkenkamp ’07 will attend Air Assault Training at Ft Stewart NY (across the Hudson) and will be a CBT (Cadet Basic Training) Squad Leader. Adam is the son of John & John & Karen Hilkenkamp.


Matt Roehm ’07 maxed the PT test at 375 points. Matt is the son of Charles and Leann Roehm.


Mike Wolk ’07 was featured on USMA web site for his membership in the Model Arab League Conference. Mike is the son of Patrick & Nancy Wolk.


Sean Flachs '08 will be in a command role at Buckner (CFT) training this summer. Sean is the son of Patrick & Lorraine Flachs.


John Hughes ’08 was featured on USMA web site for his attendance at the Mexico Military Academy over spring break. John is the son of Mike & Kathy Hughes.


Troy Wilson ’08 made the dean’s list last semester. Troy is the son of Troy & Elizabeth Wilson Sr.


Clint Wing ’08 was featured on USMA web site for his attendance at the Kyrgyzstan Military Academy over spring break. Clint is the son of Steve & Becky Wing


Michelle Alderson ‘09 will study Chinese at a university in Beijing as part of AIAD (Advanced Instructional Academic Development) and will attend Buckner training this summer. Michelle is the daughter of Michael & Nancy Alderson.


Amelia Janoski ‘09 will also attend Buckner training this summer. Amelia is the daughter of Frank & Debra Janoski


Erin Neuman ’09 did well on the PT Test and is a member of Team Handball where they won the NCAA collegiate finals. Erin is the daughter of Mike & Jeri Neuman


Mitchell Stock ’09 is a member of the USMA wrestling team and made the Sprint Football team (175lb). Mitchell is the son of James & Sally Stock.