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June 12 minutes with Treasurer Report

Wrist Bracelets

Welcome to New Cadets

Proud of Your Cadet/Grad

Current Cadets and Grads

September Meeting

Southern IL Military Support

November Meeting

WPPC St Louis Military Support

Army Home Football Games

Fund Drive

Brag News



June 12 Minutes

Introduced new and prospective members to what WPPC St Louis mission is – Support for Cadet and Cadet Parents, Grad and Grad Parents, sending care packages (boodle) to Cadets & Grads, help with the Annual Academy Ball and adopting soldiers (Operation Support Our Troops). We also pointed out that since the WPPC St Louis is a 501-C3 organization, we can receive donations that are tax deductible. Marge McCullough also discussed OSOT and the many military organizations where we have sent care packages – the Brooke Army Medical (Burn) Center in Texas, Army Hospitals in Germany and to Soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq.

To view pictures visit:  http://www.west-point.org/parent/wppc-st_louis/IClubMeetings.htm


Treasurer’s Report

                                Balance as of May 24, 2005               $844.15

                                Current balance as of June 9, 2005 $3,446.15


Welcome to New Cadets

Thanks to the New Cadets who attended the meeting – Kyle Wooten (Hondo & Tana Wooten), San Fulmer (Andy & Jane Fullmer), Logan Phillips (Jim & Debbie Phillips), Tyfani Hulse (Eddie & Kym Hulse), Daniel Henry (Dan & Maggi Henry Jr.), Lisa Dueker (Bob Dueker), Chris Rusinko (Paul & Emma Mae Rusinko) and Michelle Alderson (Michael & Nancy Alderson).

To view pictures visit: http://www.west-point.org/parent/wppc-st_louis/ICadetClasses.htm


Thanks to the Cadets and Grads

Many thanks to Cadets Monica Shea, Rachel Larson, Clint Wing, Pam Rusinko and new 2nd Lt Justin Liesen who attended this meeting; thanks for the words of wisdom you shared with the new cadets. To view pictures visit: http://www.west-point.org/parent/wppc-st_louis/ICadetClasses.htm


Southern Illinois Military Support

Le Ann Roehm (Matthew ’07) and others have monthly military support meetings in Marion (open to all branches). They have many families who have either spouses or children serving in Iraq. Marion is planning their first Veterans Day (11/11/05) parade! (All new cadet parents are welcome.) They hope to have 1,500 soldiers march in the parade and for those Veterans who can't walk the whole route there will be transportation. There will also be various military vehicles included in the parade as well as several bands. We talked to the Pentagon about the parade to see if they will authorize a military fly over. We hope to end the parade at the fair grounds with free food and entertainment for all military & families. We hope our parade and activities will be an inspiration to others to support the military! Our Mayor (who attended 1 year at WP) is a big supporter of the plans. For more info, call Le Ann at 618-964-1950.


WPPC St Louis Military Support

Marge McCullough (Robert ’04 & George ‘00) with the help of WPPC St Louis sent 70 lbs of “boodle” in 7 boxes to a Captain and Chief Warrant Officer in Iraq June 20. As part of OSOT (Operation Support Our Troops) she receives names from Megan Hostler of WPPC. For more info call Marge at 618-263-2808.


Fund Drive

Donations to our club – we have had a great response with donations now totaling over $2,500. We also will have matching donations is some cases and expect the total to approach $3,000. We extend a great big “Well Done” and “Thank you” to all who have donated thus far. If you have not donated, would you please consider it? All donations are tax-deductible. Contact Mike Hughes or Mike Collins for more information.


Wrist Bracelets

With the new funds, we ordered $1,000 worth of Support Our Troops Wrist Bracelets in Camouflage color. As of June 26, 2005 the original order of 400 were sold out. We have ordered more. Everyone enjoys wearing them .If you are interested, we ask you to purchase the bracelets for $3.00 each in any quantity. Please call Mike Collins 314-993-8755. These can be sold to friends, co-workers, neighbors, school kids, in short, anyone who wants to Support Our Troops.



Proud of Your Cadet/Grad

We have found a company who will make sign for your yard or can be mounted on a pole. The sign is $18.50 and the yard stake is $4.75. Shipping is $5.00. For more information please email Judy McClure at mccluresigns@psbnewton.com



September Meeting

We will hold our next meeting at Yacovelli’s. This is one of the best meetings we have, and we will prepare “boodle” to send to our grads and cadets. The meeting is set for September at a date to be determined, depending on availability of facilities. We will notify you as soon as arrangements are complete.


November Meeting

Tentatively set for Saturday November 12, 2005 at Collinsville Holiday Inn. This will be a new type of meeting - more social meeting (and less business) and hopefully we will be able to view Army Football play Massachusetts.


Army Home Football Games

ESPN will broadcast all Army home games this year. Baylor Sept 17, Iowa State Sept 24, Connecticut October 1, Central Michigan October 8, Massachusetts November 12, and Arkansas State November 19.


Brag News


William C. Hoppe ‘83, son of William H. Hoppe and Phyllis J. Weston-Hoppe, has been promoted recently to the rank of Colonel in the U.S. Army. Col Hoppe is assigned to the Office of the Deputy Secretary of Defense; Pentagon Col Hoppe also holds a Masters degree from the Industrial College of the Armed Forces, Washington, D.C.


Lt Col Mike Edleson ’79 has taken a position with Morgan Stanley in New York City. He is still in the active reserves and teaches at West Point. His sister Brenda ’84 is with PEC Corp and assists the government with computer installations. Mike & Brenda are the children of Joan Edleson who marked her 30th year as a member and past president of WPPC St Louis. Thanks Joan for all you have done.


Maj. Tom Shea ’92 attended a General Staff conference at Ft Monmouth NJ. Tom is the son of Tom & Martha Shea.


2nd Lt Justin Liesen ’05 helped the crew team win 4th place in the NCAA finals, and his team also placed 6th place in the Bridge Design Competition. Justin will start EOBC at Ft Leonardwood this summer and afterwards post to the 25th Infantry Division at Ft Lewis WA. Justin is the son of John & Judy Liesen.


Tom Cai ’06 has made the deans for 3 years, was selected to be 1st Sergeant of his company, will help at the American Embassy in Beijing China and will finish his summer with CTLT (Cadet Troop Leadership Training) in South Korea. Tom is the son of Ying Cai & Lin Ying.


Mike Collins ’06 completed Sapper School at Ft Leonard Wood MO and earned his Sapper tab. He will perform CTLT at Ft Irwin CA – the Army’s National Training Center. Mike is the son of Michael & Sarah Collins.


Tirzah Eskew ’06 was one of five cadets’ recognized by the Engineering Management Society for high academic standing.  Tirzah will attend helicopter training at an Army Training Center in North Dakota. Tirzah is the daughter of Gay Eskew


Nick Fullmer ’06 will perform CTLT in Washington DC at Missouri Congressmen Ira Skelton’s office. Nick is the son of Andy & Jane Fullmer.


Joe Sanfilippo ’06 will perform CTLT at Ft Drum NY and later will go to Colorado Springs Air Force base. Joe was also 2nd in command for the Special Olympics at West Point. Joe is the son of Joe & Pam Sanfilippo.


Rob Vietor ’06 took the MCAT test for medical school and will perform an internship at Walter Reed Medical Center. He was also a member of a Sandhurst team in May; has earned the Gold German Infantry Badge and made the dean’s list. Rob is the son of Robert & Mary Vietor.


Jacob Cook ’07 is will perform CTLT at Ft Campbell KY; he will take scuba training with the Navy at San Diego. Jacob is the son of Greg & Nancy Cook.


Adam Hilkenkamp ’07 will perform CTLT at the American Embassy in Beijing China. John’s 11 year old brother Eric has now attended his 2nd meeting (with his parents) and looks like he is great candidate for WP. Adam is the son of John & Karen Hilkenkamp.


Matt Roehm ‘ 07 is at Air Assault School (Helicopter repelling) at Ft. Benning GA then he will perform CTLT with Black Hawk Helicopters in South Korea. Matt is the son of Chuck & LeAnn Roehm.


Monica Shea ’07 made the Dean’s list and is a member of the Army Crew Team which recently beat Navy. Monica is the daughter of Tom & Martha Shea.


Rachel Larson ’08 will start Buckner this summer and was also a member of the Diving team. Rachel is the daughter of Lionel & Bonnie Lawson.


Pam Rusinko ’08 is a member of the Crew Team and won the New York State Championships. Pam is the daughter of Paul & Emma Mae Rusinko. Paul is a Colonel with US Army is currently serving in Iraq.


Clinton Wing ’08 is a double major in German and Russian; made the Dean’s List; is a member of the Cannon Crew Club and will be the S2 (Staff Officer Intelligence) for the Russian Club this fall. Clinton is the son of Steve & Becky Wing.


Sam Fullmer ’09 received his High School diploma from Gov Matt Blount (Annapolis Grad). After he received his diploma Sam told the Governor “Go Army Beat Navy” the Governor responded he would see him after Plebe Beast. Nick is the son of Andy & Jane Fullmer.