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In this issue:

February 20 minutes & Treasurer’s report

April 24 meeting

All Academy Ball & 2003 Army Navy Game

June 13 meeting

2005 Post Night

2005 Election of Club Officers


Ideas to Generate operating funds for our club

Brag News



February 20 MINUTES

Information from the February 20 meeting is included in the newsletter following. In addition, the following items are noted:

Appreciation was given to David Rose and Manny Otero for sponsoring the meeting at Scott Air Force Base.

The unofficial position of Web Site Director is an important one for the club, and Mike McCullough was recognized for his great job in handling this for us.

Motion was made and approved to pay $100 to the website host through the West Point Parent organization.

Motion was made and approved to provide a $500 stipend for the club President to attend the annual meeting of West Point Parent Clubs.

Marge McCullough suggested that a phone tree be used to contact members to encourage them to attend the meetings, since attendance has fallen off recently.

Marge McCullough reported on the Operation Support Our Troops. The club has adopted 1 soldier, and four boxes have been sent since October. A motion was made and approved to sponsor a second soldier, and donations were collected.

Mike McCullough reported on his attendance at the Admissions Advisors meeting. West Point can always use the help of parents and friends to serve as advisors for prospective cadets and their parents. Contact Mike for further information if you are interested 618-263-3981.


Treasurer’s Report

                Balance as of September, 2004       1,072.46

                Expenditures                                        1,476.06

                Income                                                  1,441.30

                Current balance                                   1,037.70


April 24 Meeting 

Our next meeting will be at Concordia Lutheran Church at Kirkwood Rd. and Woodbine.

Like last year it was a “bring a dish to pass” luncheon; the club will supply the meat (chicken).

We will still need reservations so that enough meat can be ordered. You may pay at the meeting.


The meeting will start at 12:00 pm.


Reservations are due by April 20, 2005.

Please contact Mike Hughes at  314-846-6347 or mkjshughes02@earthlink.net

Class of 2007 will be responsible for door prizes.


We will elect new officers for 2005.


June 12 Meeting

We are trying to book the June meeting at the Radisson Inn in Clayton, instead of the Viking Holiday Inn.  Last year, The Viking food was not good and they were not accommodating because they would not give us a break on the no-shows (10), even though we had been using them for years. The Radisson people were very helpful on the All-Academy Ball.  We will keep you posted.


All Academy Ball & 2003 Army Navy Game

All Academy Ball was held December 26, 2004 at the Radisson Inn in Clayton, hosted by the WPPC. It was very successful, even though Air Force once again had the most in attendance. Army had a good showing. Next year’s event will be hosted by Navy. They are use the Radisson as well, because they did such a good job for us. Army Navy game was attended by several parents. The weather was great, and events leading up to the game were memorable. Unfortunately Army lost, but they did score two touchdowns. The weather was much better than in years past.


Election of Officers

The following are recommended for election:

President                                Mike Collins                         314-993-8755                      Mike ‘06

Vice-President                      Pam Sanfilippo                    314-385-2714                      Joseph ‘06

Secretary                               Greg Cook                             618-457-2927                      Jacob ‘07

Treasurer                               Mike Hughes                        314-846-6347                      John ‘08


Ideas to Generate operating funds for our club

Here are a few ideas members have suggested from our last meeting at Scott Air Force Base.

  1. Rent a booth at the Coliseum and provide services for various events.
  2. Ask for past members (who have not rejoined) to make a donation – our club is a 501c3 which means its tax deductible.
  3. Sell raffle tickets for a weekend at a condominium. 
    1. We auction off a week at a resort in Florida, the Gulf Coast, Texas, California, or other through the Armed Forces Vacation Club.
    2. It will cost the club $264 for a week and we sell chances at, say, $50 or $100 each.
  4. Call all past members in order to increase membership and suggest they can make tax deductible donations.
  5. Contact and solicit members of the Association Of Graduates (AOG)


Class of 2005 - Post Night

Each year in November the seniors are required to select a branch of service (Infantry, Artillery, etc) and in February they have the ability to select where they will go to their first duty station. This year our 2 seniors have chosen the following:


                Justin Liesen                         Engineers                               Ft Lewis WA

Tyler Stegeman                    Armor                                    Ft Know. KY


Brag News


Chris Ballard ’88, was promoted to a Lieutenant Colonel and is working toward a Masters in Computer Simulation at Georgia Tech. Chris is the son of Lawrence & Marilyn Ballard.


George McCullough ’00 is a Captain at Ft. Lewis in the 3rd Stryker Brigade Combat Team. He is in the Infantry and has completed Ranger training. George is the son of Mike & Marge McCullough.


Adrian Zdazinsky ’03 is in Karbala, Iraq and is a platoon leader in a Cavalry company of Bradley fighting vehicles. His platoon is also working with a Marine Expeditionary Force. Adrian is the son of Chip & Peggy Zdazinsky.


Will Eberle ’04, graduated from Infantry Officer Basic Course (IOBC) at Ft Benning GA in December and completed Ranger School. Will is the son of Phillip & Michiko Eberle.


Robert McCullough ’04, graduated from Field Artillery Officer Basic Course (FAOBC). He is at Camp Casey Korea (15 miles north of Seoul) and should have a platoon in the next few weeks. He will operate Multiple Launch Rocket Systems (MLRS) which are attached to Bradley vehicles. Robert is the son of Mike & Marge McCullough.


Sarah Penn ’04, graduated from Adjutant General Officer Basic Course (AGOBC). She is a 2nd LT in a MEP (Military Entrance Processing) and is stationed in Miami, FL for next 18 months.  Sarah is the daughter of Rhoda & Dale Penn.


Justin Liesen ’05 made the Dean’s list and is in charge of the Bridge Competition. Justin will also compete this semester with the Crew team. Justin is the son of John & Judy Liesen.


Mike Collins ’06 was a Sergeant in Beast this summer and will go to England to study with Paratroopers at Sandhurst. Mike is the son of Michael & Sarah Collins.


Tirza Eskew ’06 made the Dean’s list, is majoring in Engineering Management and is in the top 5% of the engineering class; and will attend a course in Minnesota on how to fly helicopters. Tirza is the daughter of Gay Eskew.


Nick Fullmer’s ’06 brother Sam was offered admission to USMA and will be part of the class of 2010. Nick is also on the road again with Team Handball; they were in Miami a few weeks ago and have started regular practice for the National Championship in April & May. Nick is the son of Andy & Jane Fullmer.


Mike Miller ’06 is a Computer Science major and attended a meeting in Washington DC. Mike is the son of Marcus & Janalyn Miller.


Joe Sanfilippo ‘06 made the Deans’ list and was the Company XO for the Special Olympics. Joe is the son of Joe & Pam Sanfilippo.


Rob Vietor ’06 made the Dean’s list Rob is the son of Robert & Mary Vietor.


Aroyn Borries ’07 made the Dean’s list and is training for a Marathon (26 miles). He also obtained a maximum score in the IOCT (Indoor Obstacle Course Test). Aroyn is the son of Dennis & Sue Borries.


Adam Hilkenkamp ‘07 was Sergeant during Beast 1 and met with a Captain recently back from Iraq. Adam is the son of John & Karen Hilkenkamp.


Matt Roehm ’07 made the first cut for SFAS (Special Forces) group. A total of 80 yearling and cow cadets tried out; 60 were dropped due to severe strenuous activities. After Matt participates in the Sandhurst competition, he will begin SFAS training. Math is the son of Chuck & LeAnn Roehm.


David Rose ’07 made the Dean’s list. David is the son of David & Roberta Rose.


Trevor Saunders ‘07 made the Dean’s list and is also a member in the Combat Weapons Team Club. Trevor is the son of Jimmie & Paula Saunders.


Mike Wolk ’07 was an escort for the Miss USA pageant held at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in Manhattan. The proceeds from this pageant are used for the Special Olympics. Mike is the son of Patrick & Nancy Wolk.


Sean Flachs ’08 made the Rugby team, Sean is the son of Patrick & Lorraine Flachs.


Monica Shea ’08 is a member of the crew team along with Pam Rusinko & Teresa Theobold. Monica is the daughter of Tom & Martha Shea.


Teresa Theobold ‘08 made the Dean’s list; is a member of the Crew team and is on the Yearbook staff. Theresa is the daughter of Carla Martin.