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West Point Parents' Club of Greater St. Louis


September 2004 Minutes

The September meeting of the West Point Parents Club of St. Louis was called to order by President John Liesen at 12:00 noon. Parents first began assembling boodle boxes for cadets and graduates of club members. The official meeting began at 1:00 p.m. with an invocation by Mike McCullough followed by the pledge of allegiance. President Liesen asked that the minutes of the last meeting (posted on the club website) be approved. A motion was made, seconded and passed that the minutes be approved.  A thank you letter was read from Will Eberle ‘04 for the graduation luncheon sponsored by the club. President Liesen also recognized past presidents Kent Howald and Chip Zdazinsky for their attendance at the meeting.


Treasurer’s Report 05/28/04

Treasurer Bob Hotz then read the Treasurer’s Report. The balance as of May 28, 2004 was $1,217.50. Expenditures since then totaled $2,552.44; receipts were $2,407.40, leaving a balance of $1,072.46. The Treasurer’s Report was approved as read.


Old Business:

Tax Exempt Status

President Liesen announced that thanks to Kent Howald, Mike Collins, and Susan Harryman, we had received our tax exempt status from the State of Missouri. Vice President Mike Collins introduced Frank Kaveney, an attorney prior military service, has a son who graduated from West Point in 1996. Frank was very instrumental in the appeal process when state denied our application.


Academies Ball

Sarah Collins then reported on the status of the St. Louis All Academies Ball on Sunday, December, 26, beginning at 5:00 p.m. The Army is host this year; LeAnn Roehm, Kathy Hotz, Pam Sanfilippo and Sarah are currently on the committee. They would appreciate more help, please consider being a volunteer. Cadets come as guests of the club; it is not necessarily to have a “date,” and parents are also encouraged to come with their cadets. Cadets should bring their full dress uniforms.


Past President Kent Howald

President Liesen recognized Kent and Betty Ann Howald for their work as co-Presidents last year, and gave them a gift as a token of the club’s appreciation for their efforts.


November 7 Meeting

                At Collinsville Holiday Inn – click on map to meetings

                Class of 05 & 06 Parents will be responsible for door prizes.

                Social Hour at 12:00 pm   Lunch at 1:00 pm


                Cost is $15.00 per person

                Please bring an item for Operation Support our Troops.

                (Christmas item, cash, candy, decorations, hanging items)

Reservations are required – by Friday 10/29/04.

Send payment to Treasurer,

                                Bob & Kathy Hotz

                                104 Lotus Drive

                                Edwardsville IL  62025




New Business

USO in St Louis

Mr. Kaveney then spoke a few words about his experience in Vietnam. He also spoke about the USO in St Louis who help all service people, they currently need volunteers especially during the holiday season.


Operation Support our Troops

A request was made that the club support Operation Support Our Troops. Through this organization, the club would ask for the name of troops that we would adopt. A motion was made, seconded and approved that the club would take up a collection at each meeting to send items to a soldier. Marge McCullough will work with Mary Kay Solomon to get the name of a soldier that we will support until his/her return home.  A mention was made of the Southern Illinois Yellow Ribbon Campaign website http://www.siyellowribbon.com that also accepts donations to support the troops. Please bring items that we can send to our troops in the November meeting.


USMA Admissions

On Saturday, October 16, a prospective recruiters meeting was held at 11:00 at the Edward Jones national headquarters, followed by an informational meeting for prospective candidates at 2:00 p.m. USMA recognizes that some its best supporters are grad/cadet parents. Volunteers are needed to find prospective candidates; working with your local high school could produce new candidates for future USMA classes. For Missouri please contact Cpt Noah Cloud, 845-938-5717, noah.cloud@us.army.mil or for Illinois Cpt Tim Viles, 845-938-5728, timothy.c.viles@us.army.mil.



A discussion was held on a flyer that was distributed for “loveacadet.com”. This organization offers boodle and birthday parties for cadets. We had the opportunity to have each of the cadets receive a dozen cookies if we supplied them with cadet addresses. After discussion, it was decided that with security concerns we did not want to give out a list of addresses.


Brag News

Christopher Ballard ’88 is on the LTC list and is in graduate school at Georgia Tech for Computer Simulation Management. Chris is the son of Lawrence & Marilyn Ballard.


Jay Broemmel ’95 is in Iraq for the 2nd time, teaching Iraqi police and army how to do their job. He says there are lots of positive things happening in Iraq. Jay is the son of Bo & Judy Broemmel.


Adrian Zdazinsky ’03 graduated from Ranger school and is now in Ft. Irwin, CA assigned to HQ until his platoon is ready. Adrian is the son of Chip & Peggy Zdazinsky.

Steve Hemmann ’03 is in graduate school at the University of Hawaii, during the summer he has been traveling China experiencing many different foods. Steve is the son of David & Ruth Hemmann.


David Howald ’04 earned the Airborne badge at Ft. Benning, GA. He is now stationed at Ft. Sill, OK for FAOBC (Field Artillery Officer Basic Training). David is the son of Kent & Betty Howald.

Sarah Penn ’04 is at AGOBC (Adjutant General Officer Basic School) at Ft. Jackson, SC. She and several fellow cadets are still doing mandatory Thursday dinners—a hard habit to break after 4 years. Sarah is the daughter of Dale & Rhonda Penn.


Justin Liesen ’05 is on the crew team, performed CTLT at Ft Carson for the first half and worked in an internship position for an engineering firm in Quincy, IL for the second half. He is part of the battalion staff this semester. Justin is the son of John & Judy Liesen.


Mike Collins ’06 attended SAPPER school at Ft. Leonardwood this summer. Mike is the son of Mike & Sarah Collins.

Tirzah Eskew ’06 made the decision to reurn to WP after a one year leave to care for her mother, so she is in the ’06 class and readjusting to life at WP. Tirzah is the daughter of Gay Eskew.

Joseph Sanfilippo ’06 earned the Airborne badge this summer; served as XO for the Special Olympics held last Spring, and is serving as a squad leader this semester. Joe is the son of Joe & Pam Sanfilippo.


Rob Hotz ’07 received his Recondo badge (part of Buckner) and has kayaked on the Hudson River. Rob is the son of Bob & Kathy Hotz.

Matt Roehm ’07 earned congratulations for the fastest disassembly of a Claymore mine. Matt is the son of Chuck & LeAnn Roehm.

David Rose ’07 received the Distinguished Cadet honors. David is the son of David & Roberta Rose.

Trevor Saunders ’07 received the gold wreath for being in the top 5% of his class in all areas—military, academic and physical. Trevor is the son of Jimmie & Paula Saunders.

Rob Vietor ’07 was a first sergeant for Buckner for the first half, and earned the Air Assault badge in the second half. Rob is the son of Robert & Mary Vietor.


Aroyn Borries ’08 is doing well with few complaints. Aroyn is the son of Dennis & Sue Borries.

John Hughes ’08 is on the cannon crew, and will be a squad leader for Plebe Parent Weekend. John is the son of Mike & Kathy Hughes.

Rachel Larson ’08 survived Beast Summer, although she currently has a stress fracture which will delay her APFT test. Rachel is the daughter of Nathan & Mary Larson.

Jeff Nichols ’08 is doing well. Jeff is the son of Dan & Lynn Nichols.

Tom Russell ’08 is on the Sprint Football team (less than 167 lbs) & was awarded several distinctions recently: On the PT test he scored 328   points & had the highest test score of all plebes in the Psychological test. Tom is the son of Wes & Barbara Russell.

Monica Shea ’08 is on the Crew team, received TAB for Physical Fitness. Her older brother Thomas ’92 was able join her on the march back from Beast. Monica is the daughter of  Tom & Martha Shea.

Clint Wing ’08 was recognized for being at the top of his class of 55 students in Russian language.  Clint is the son of Steve & Becky Wing.