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August 30, 2004


In this issue:

Treasurer’s Report

501C3 Tax Exemption

2004 Graduates

Graduation 2004

All Academy Ball

September 19 meeting

2004-2005 Dues

New Cadets & Parents


Army Women Soccer

Major Mark Visnovske

Class of 2009 & 2010

Vladimir Arts

Marilyn Ballard Paintings

Brag News



Treasurer’s Report 05/28/04

Robert Hotz read the Treasurer’s Report. There was a previous balance of $1,247.75 Expenditures since the last meeting totaled $182.25; receipts were $152.00, leaving a balance of $1,217.50. The Treasurer’s Report was approved as read.


At June’s meeting we had several no shows, this cost the club almost $200 since we had to guarantee reservations. Please be considerate on this issue.


501C3 Tax Exemption

The State of Missouri granted our club State Tax exemption. This means we will not be charged sales taxes on items we purchase for the club and we will not pay sales taxes on charges for food and service at our meetings. The main reason for us obtaining the exemption is due to our on going efforts in sending “packages” to grads that are defending our country. Frank Kaveney was instrumental in getting Missouri to agree with our clubs purpose. Frank has a son (Kevin) who graduated from West Point in 1996.


In addition, we would like to thank Mike Collins (VP St Louis Club), Kent Howald (’03-‘04 President) and Susan Harriman (’01-’02 President) for working very hard in this process. We also have a Federal Exemption which allows our club to receive tax deductible donations from individuals & businesses.


2004 Graduates

Congratulations to our new graduates – Amos Bock (Field Artillery), Chris Duncan (Aviation), David Howald (Field Artillery), Will Eberle (Infantry), Robert McCullough (Field Artillery) and Sarah Penn (Adjutant General), Good luck in your Officer Basic Course Training and your future in the US Army. Visit our website to see their graduation pictures – click on Graduates.


Graduation 2004

From the 2004 grad parents, they commented on the several issues: heavy security (arrive early), plan where to meet before and after an event and realized that your cadets will want to spend time their friends whom they might not see for a long time.


2004 All Academy Ball

Please mark your schedule, the Ball will be on December 26 beginning at 5:00 pm at the Clayton Radisson. This year we (Army) are responsible for planning and hosting this event. Sarah Collins, Leann Roehm, and Kathy Hotz are members of this committee. We would like to have volunteers from the Class of 2008 (and others); this is a great way to get involved to meet some of the St Louis members.


September 19 Meeting

                At Yacovelli’s Restaurant – click on map to meetings

                Grad Parents will be responsible for door prizes.

                Social Hour &boodle packing at 12:00 pm

                Lunch at 1:00 pm

                Meeting & more boodle packing at 2:00 pm.

                >>>>>>The club will provide boxes, tape and “boodle”<<<<<<<


                Cost is $16.00 per person

                Please bring cadet PO Box numbers and Graduates APO addresses.


                We will send “boodle” packages to all registered cadets & graduates of the club.



Reservations are required – by Friday 09/03/04.



Or send payment to Treasurer,

                Bob & Kathy Hotz

                104 Lotus Drive

                Edwardsville IL  62025



2004-2005 Dues

Club dues should be paid by next meeting; we have 24 paid out of 74. Costs are $35 for Cadet Parents and $20 for Grad Parents this cost includes the annual membership directory. Visit our website click on 2004 Membership form. Please mail a check to our new treasurer Bob & Kathy Hotz (above).




New Cadets and Parents

We wish to welcome the new cadets and their parents who attended the June meeting (pictured on our website click on Cadet Classes):

John Hughes (Mike & Kathy), Rachel Larson (Nathan & Mary), Jeff Nichols (Dan & Lynn), Pam Rusinko (Paul & Emma Mae)

Tom Russell (Wes & Barbara), Monica Shea (Tom & Martha), Randy Shed (Randy & Latonya) and Clint Wing (Steve & Becky), Troy Lee Wilson (Troy & Elizabeth). Also we wish to welcome new cadets and parents who could not attend the meeting:

Aroyn Borries (Dennis & Sue) and Gregory Walker (Paul & Susan).



Four cadets also attended the meeting and we were grateful for their words of wisdom for the new cadets (pictured on our website click on Meetings)– Justin Liesen ’05, Jacob Cook ’07, Adam Hilkenkamp ’07, Robert Hotz ‘07 and Trevor Saunders ’07.


Army Women Soccer at Robert Hermann Stadium

The West Point Society of St Louis will help host the 8th Annual Military Academy Women’s Soccer Classic at St Louis University Robert Hermann Stadium September 17-19. Proceeds will help the Toys for Tots in the St Louis Area. All are welcome to attend and support Army! This is a SPIRIT event and your cadet can take a weekend leave to attend; have them see Emily Cook, '05 women's team captain. Games start at Friday 5:00pm Air Force vs SEMO and again at 7:30 pm SLU vs Army; Sunday 11:00 am Army vs Air Force and 1:30 pm SLU vs U of Mississippi.


You can help by sending a donation and coming to the game(s). The Army Women Team cost of quarters and travel are not covered by West Point but by private donations. So anything you can do will help. Please send donations and questions to Frank Janoski ’74, 500 North Broadway, Suite 2000, St Louis MO 63102, 314-444-1307, fjanoski@lewisrice.com.


Major Mark Visnovske

Mark is a 1984 grad of West Point and serves as liaison for West Point in the St Louis Area. At the June meeting, Mark gave several tips on what to pack and what to do for the new cadets. In addition, he asked that all cadets give the West Point experience a fair chance and if you really want something you will accomplish it!


Class of 2009 at Edward Jones Headquarters

An admissions workshop for volunteers (to help recruit USMA candidates) will be held on Saturday, Oct 16, 2004 - 11:30 to 1:30 pm at Edward Jones, National Headquarters.  After that workshop, their will be an informational meeting for College and High School students and parent 2:00 to 3:30 pm. If you know of a student who would like to be a future Army officer; this is the meeting to come to! For further information and reservations email Cpt Noah Cloud, (noah.cloud@usma.edu) or call 845-938-5717.


Vladimir Arts

Great paintings of West Point scenes; go to www.west-point.org and click on Vladimir Arts. Purchase through this West-Point website and our club receives 5%.


Marilyn Ballard Paintings

Marilyn Ballard (Chris ’88) has painted several different West Point scenes – The Walk to Michie Stadium, Birds over Lusk Reservoir, and Early Fall on the Hudson River. You can view her paintings at our website – click on Items to buy!


Brag News


Rob Vietor ’06, participated in the funeral procession of President Ronald Reagan. Rob is the son of Robert & Mary Vietor


Trevor Saunders ‘07, had one of the highest PT scores for the 2007 cadets. Trevor is the son of Jimmie & Paula Saunders.


Maria Schmitz ‘07, carried the Olympic Flame in St. Louis, MO. She is one of 480 torchbearers to take part in the American portion and among the 10,000 torchbearers that will participate in this historical event. Maria is the daughter of Tony & Jeanne Schmitz.