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January 2004 Newsletter

West Point Parents' Club of Greater St. Louis

January 8, 2004


In this issue:

                Branch Night - Class of 2004

February 22 meeting at Scott Air Force Base

                April 18 meeting location

                2004-2005 Club Nominations

                NCAA Wrestling Tournament

                We have been granted 501c3 status.

                Graduation Rooms


Branch Night - Class of 2004

Our seniors (Firsties) have made it to another milestone in their careers as US Army officers - their selection of the Branch of Service for the next 5 years. On February 26, they will find out what post they will report to after completion Officer Basic Course (OBC) in January 2005.

                                Amos Bock                           Field Artillery

Chris Duncan                       Aviation

Will Eberle                             Infantry

David Howald                      Field Artillery

Robert McCullough            Field Artillery

Sarah Penn                           Adjutant General

                Adjutant General mission is to provide education, development, training and resettlement services.

Aviation is a combat arms branch whose mission is to provide reconnaissance, transport, evacuation and fire support.

Field Artillery is a combat arms branch whose mission is “to destroy, neutralize or suppress the enemy by cannon, rocket or missile fires.

Infantry is a combat arms branch whose mission is to always fight on the front wherever battle lines are drawn.


February 22 Meeting

Our next meeting will be at Scott Air Force Base in Illinois.

The accommodations and buffet are fantastic, you will enjoy this meeting.


The meeting will start at 10:00 am.

Please pay at the meeting.

February 2 is the deadline for reservations.


Please send an email or write to

Mike Collins

65 Clermont Lane

St Louis, MO  63124




Because this is military installation your name and any passengers must be on the security list.

You will need to make reservations for anyone who wants to attend this meeting.

Also all people must bring a photo ID, including passengers.


After we receive your reservation; we will mail entrance cards to you.

Class of 2005 will be responsible for door prizes.


                We will elect new officers for 2004-2005, see the nominations below.


2004-2005 Club Officers Nominations

Co-Presidents                       Gay Eskew and John Liesen

Vice-President                      Mike & Sarah Collins

Secretary                               Pam Sanfilippo

Treasurer                               Bob & Kathy Hotz

                Thank you for giving of your time.


April 18 Meeting

Our April meeting will be at Concordia Lutheran Church.

Like last year it was a “bring a dish to pass” type luncheon; the club will supply the meat.


NCAA Wrestling Tournament – St Louis


The NCAA Wrestling tournament will take place in St Louis at the Dome March 18-20, which happens to coincide with Spring Break at WP. This year 2 or 3 cadets are likely to qualify according to Mike Collins ‘06.


Rarely do we get a chance to view student athletes here in the Midwest.

At our February meeting, we will discuss how we can help these West Point cadets.


501C3-Exempt Status

GOOD NEWS!! On December 24, 2003 we received our notification from the IRS that they have granted us tax exempt status !

We can now receive donations and the donor will get a tax deduction.

This will also let us apply to the state for a sales tax exemption. This is a nice Christmas present for the club.


Seasons Greetings and Happy New Year!


Kent Howald


Graduation Rooms

Howard Johnson Inn in Newburgh has advised us they are still accepting reservations for the 2004 graduation.

There is a 3 night minimum at $179 per night.

Reservations must be made by January 15, 2004.

Please contact Ed Fodrowski, Front Desk Manager at 845-564-4000.