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September 2003 Newsletter

West Point Parents' Club of Greater St. Louis

October 17, 2003


September Meeting

We gathered socially to pack many boxes of boodle for the enjoyment of our cadets and some of our deployed graduates.


We also voted to once again extend an invitation to our cadets to attend this year’s 43rd All Service Academies Ball to be held 12/27/02 Saturday at the Marriott Hotel as a guest of the club. This year the Air Force Academy is sponsoring the event; next year West Point will be the sponsor. Sarah Collins, Pam Sanfilippo and Susan Mueller have agreed to assist this year and prepare for us to host next year.


Collinsville, IL November 2 Meeting

Our next meeting will be at the Holiday Inn in Collinsville, IL. We will have a social hour starting at 1:00pm, with dinner at 2:00 pm. Reservations are due by Wednesday October 22, 2003, please call or send $15.50 per person to Mike Collins, 65 Clermont Lane ST Louis, MO 63124 or call 314-993-8755 or email at sgccomm@aol.com.


We will discuss news from our new members about Plebe-Parent weekend. We will also discuss how to plan for the Army-Navy game on December 6. If you can’t attend the Army-Navy game at Philadelphia, you will be able to attend a celebration locally with the Association of Graduates. See map below.


Class of 2004 will be responsible for door prizes.


We will propose nominees for the 2004-2005 officers; and we will elect these candidates at our February 2004 meeting. See slate of nominations below.


2004-2005 Club Officers Nominations

Co-Presidents                       Gay Eskew and John Liesen

Vice-President                      Mike & Sarah Collins

Secretary                               Pam Sanfilippo

Treasurer                               Open for nominations—usually a current Plebe parent


Scott Air Force Base – April 2004 meeting

                We need to find a sponsor for April 2004 meeting. We will need this person to be present at the meeting. In the past we had a great time at Scott Air Force Base in the officers club. Please call Kent Howald at 573-775-2352 or email him at J._Kent_Howald@osca.state.mo.us.


Web site changes.

Our club has decided to remove the addresses and phone numbers of our members from the web site due to security issues. If you need a member address list please call Mike McCullough at 618-263-3981 or email him at ama@onemain.com.


Places to rent while at West Point

                Did you know you can rent facilities for parties, celebrations, etc. while at West Point. For further information call David & Ruth Hemmann at 314-822-8540 or email them at dhemmann@anet-stl.com


Other places to visit while at West Point

                Also you can visit the 49's club at Ft Putman, which was recommended by David & Ruth Hemmann. This club was named after the Class of 1949. The Rugby team graduates are also in the process of building a lodge.



Brag News

William Hoppe ’83                              William is the son of William & Phyllis Hoppe

William is a Lt Col and is assigned to the Acquisition Core in Lorton Virginia.

Larry Beisec ‘83                                  Larry is the son in law of William & Phyllis Hoppe

Larry is Lt Col is a diplomat in Vilniaus (Vilnius), Lithuania (one the largest cities).


Bradley Golden ’89                             Bradley is the son of John & Jeannette Golden

                Bradley is a Major and just returned from Iraq. He will be stationed at Ft Campbell, KY with his wife and 3 children – 4, 6, and 8.


Matt Powell '99                    Matt is the son of Bob & Sheryl Powell.

                Matt is a Captain and is attending OAC - Officer’s Advance Course in preparation for leading a company of soldiers. He has had 2 tours of Afghanistan and received the Bronze Star. Matt parents also stated that since 1999, 80% of WP graduates are now combat veterans.


George McCullough '00      George is the son of Mike & Marge McCullough.

George was promoted to Captain on September 27. He will now serve as rear detachment commander of the 2nd Infantry's Division 3rd Brigade Combat team.


Joe Odorizzi '00                    Joe is the son of Terry & Susan Odorizzi.

Joe was promoted to Captain on October 1. He will now serve as the "rear seat" helicopter commander with 101st Airborne Div Attack HB Company.


Jacob Cook '07                    Jacob is the son Greg & Nancy Cook

                Jacob was selected to be a member of the Model UN club from over 150 entries and was selected to be one of the eight Sergeants for Plebe Parent weekend. Jacob has also joined the Fly fishing and Scuba Clubs.


Math Roehm '07                 Matt is the son of Chuck & LeAnn Roehm

                Matt finished first in the USMA APFT – physical test. The APFT is a combination of push-ups, sit-ups, and running and requires a great deal of strength. All cadets are required several times to pass this test in order to stay at the academy.