March 2003 Newsletter

March 23, 2003

West Point Parents' Club of Greater St. Louis


February Meeting Notes

The meeting was held at Scott AF Base in the Officers’ Club on February 23, 2003, with at least 50 members and family members in attendance. The food was great and plentiful. We all had great discussions about our cadets, graduates and families.

We are hoping to get the 501(c) 3 not-for-profit status completed and sent into the government by April. This will provide sales tax exemptions as well as allowing WPPC St Louis to receive donations which the donor may use for tax deductions.

We approved a $500 stipend for our new president, Kent, to attend the WPPC meeting in April. The total amount sent to Tirzah Eskew ’05 on behalf of the club was $320.

Thanks again, Joe & Pam Sanfilippo


New officers

President – Kent Howald

Pres Elect – Gay Eskew / John & Judy Liesen

Treasurer – Michael & Sarah Collins

Secretary – Joe & Pam Sanfilippo



Cadet Handbooks

Ruth Hemmann brought to our attention that the Northern New Mexico WPPC has excellent handbooks on their website.

After reviewing their website at, the following are available:

                        New Cadets                 18 Pages (6 minute download)

                        Graduation Tips            1 Page (30 seconds download)

                        Firstie Tips                   53 Pages (12 minute download) includes pictures, what to do, USMA songs, etc

You will need Adobe Acrobat to view or print these handbooks.



Graduates in action

Lt Col Mike Edleson ’79 was assigned to NASD in Washington will now be teaching Advanced Economics at West Point. Major Brenda Edleson ’84 has left the service and now works with Performance Engineering Co of Fairfax, VA and is installing computers systems worldwide. Mike and Brenda is the son and daughter of Joan Edleson, 314-487-0308,


Major Chris Ballard ’88 is currently at Ft McPherson, GA with the Army’s FORSCOM. He plans on obtaining an advanced degree in computer simulation at Georgia Tech or becoming a Liaison officer for deployment. He is a Ranger, has obtained an advanced degree at St Louis and has taught at West Point. Chris is the son of Lawrence & Marilyn Ballard, 636-463-1717.


Capt Chris Britt ’99 is currently an MP at Ft Leonardwood and will deploy at the end of March. Chris is the son of Jim & Carolyn Britt, 573-243-4357,


Capt James O’Boyle ’99 is currently at Ft Carson CO and will be deployed to Kuwait with the 3rd Air Cavalry. James is the son of Michael & Sharon O'Boyle, 618-664-4570,


Capt Matt Powell ’99, who is currently serving in Germany, will join the Green Beret and eventually become a teacher at West Point.  Matt is the son of Bob & Sheryl Powell, 217-285-4960,


1st Lt Bill Kesselring ’00 talked about life after West Point: even though West Point was hard; he really missed West Point and the many friends he made, he discussed the impact of mentor families while there, and he encouraged cadets to visit mentor families and not worry about being an imposition. Billy was stationed at Ft Bragg with the 307th Battalion of the 82nd Airborne for the last 2 years; he will be stationed at Ft Leonardwood with the Construction Engineers where he will train new recruits. In August, he will be up for promotion to Captain and he will need to decide on whether to extend his service 1 more year by attending Captain’s advanced course. Billy can be reached at Bill is the son of Bill & MaryLou Kesselring, 573-774-6570,


1st Lt Joe Odorizzi ’00 is currently a helicopter pilot will with the 101st Airborne at Ft Campbell and will deploy soon. Joe is the son of Terry & Susan Odorizzi, 618-635-8432,


            1st Lt George McCullough ’00 is currently XO with 3rd Brigade Combat Team of the 2nd Infantry Division at Ft Lewis. This brigade will deploy to the National Training Center (NTC) at Ft Irwin, CA for the final stage of readiness training. Then the brigade will deploy to the Joint Readiness Training Center (JRTC) at Ft Polk, LA for combat certification. George is the son of Mike & Marge McCullough, 618-263-3918,



Cadets in action

Steve Hemmann ‘03 has posted to Germany after he graduates. He also is on the short list for grad school. This March he will present a paper in Washington DC. Steve is the son of David & Ruth Hemmann, 314-822-8540,


Adrian Zdazinsky ‘03 has posted to Ft Irwin CA (near LA) after he graduates. This is the Army’s National Training Center (NTC). Adrian is the son of Chip & Peggy Zdazinsky, 314-863-8202,


William Harryman ‘03 has posted to Hanau-Babenhausen, Germany with the Patriot missile defense 5th Battalion, 7th Air Defense Artillery Brigade. William is the son of William & Susan Harryman, 618-997-7848,


            Joseph Sanfilippo ’06 made the dean’s list last semester and he is a member of Company G4. Joe is the son of Joe & Pam Sanfilippo, 314-385-2714,


            Tirzah Eskew‘s’05 brother, Samuel is leaving for Iran with the 1st Calvary. Samuel received his commission from Kemper Military School and then finished college at Central Missouri State in 2002.  Tirzah has an older sister Elicia is married to Ali Abdolhosseini and is currently pursing a degree in accounting while working for MiTek Industries. Tirzah also has three younger sisters are Sarah (18), Sharon (16), and Gabrielle (13) and a younger brother is Steven (14).  All attend McCluer High School and while Gabrielle attends Ferguson Middle School, where Gay Eskew teaches science.  Tirzah is the daughter of Gay Eskew, 314-524-6304,



New cadets in action

We wish to welcome Jim & Paula Sanders of Benton, IL who attended our meeting. Their son James was recently accepted into the Class of 2007.



Care packages for Troops

With many our troops being deployed, we are asking the parents once they know their son/daughter APO address to please email this address to Mike McCullough ( or Kent Howald. ( We will then maintain a list so we can send care packages to them.



Next Meeting - April 6

            WPPC meeting will be held at Concordia Lutheran Church 505 South Kirkwood, Kirkwood MO, 63122 314-822-7772, 2 miles north of the Viking Holiday Inn. The club will provide chicken and the members are asked to bring a dish to pass (deserts, salads, vegetables, pastas, breads, etc.) and to please bring drinks and table service for yourself. Meeting and lunch starts at 12:00 pm (so the food doesn’t get cold). 2005 parents are responsible for gifts. Visit our web site for a map of this location I44 and US61.


            Please call (573-775-2352) or email ( Kent Howald for your reservation. We need to know how much chicken to purchase.



Annual New Plebe Meeting - June 8

WPPC meeting will be held at Viking Holiday Inn Southwest, 10709 Watson Rd (Watson & Lindbergh), Sunset Hills, MO 63127, 314-821-6600. This is our meeting to introduce new cadets and parents to the West Point process. Please ask your cadet to attend and ask them to wear white over gray uniform with white hat. New cadets will benefit from some of the heads up information on what to expect. Cadet luncheon cost is paid for by the club. Visit our web site for a map of this location I44 and US61.



50/50 Drawing

It was decided this month that our 50/50 drawing would be given to the family of Gay Eskew. Gay is our treasurer and is currently in hospice. She has a daughter at West Point, Tirzah ’05 and a son at the in ROTC at a University. She also has 2 children at home 14 and 17. Our normal 50/50 amount is $100 but all members donated more than $300. Our prayers and best wishes go out to Gay and her family.



2003 Howitzer Yearbook

            Last year our club sponsored an ad in the 2002 Howitzer yearbook. We will need the pictures of the St Louis seniors for this ad. Please mail your cadet’s senior picture to Mike McCullough, 11754 Sugar Creek Ave, Mt Carmel IL 62863.