How to obtain Illinois West Point Bicentennial License Plates:


1.       Fill out a new vehicle registration - Form VSD190.20

a.       Write West Point in the “Plate type requested” box.

b.       Complete form with required information.

c.       Obtain this from you local license bureau.


2.       Include your current Illinois Registration card – Form BCK13F

a.       If your plates expire in within 90 days include the 2003 registration card

b.       If your plates don’t expire within 90 days include a photocopy of the registration card.


3.       Enclose a copy of the West Point License Plate Series letter

a.       Print or Type your name at the top.


4.       Enclose a check for  Make it payable to Secretary of State

a.       $93.00 if your plates expire within 90 days

b.       $29.00 if your plates don’t expire in 90 days


5.       Mail the 4 above items to:

Jesse White

Secretary of State

Personalized Plate Section

501 South 2nd Street

Springfield IL 62756-7400




            This cannot be done at your local license plate bureau.

            You cannot pick a vanity plate, the numbers will be assigned sequentially.

            If you have any questions please call

                        Pat Westwood 217-785-5215

                        Special Plates Division