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West Point: The First 200 Years

West Point is a name that reverberates through the annals of American history from its earliest pages to present day. Its hallowed halls have known military leaders who lead the way in every major land battle from the Civil War to Desert Storm. Two of its career soldiers would become President of the United States; two others would walk on the moon. West Point explores the dramatic 200-year old story of The United States Military Academy.


West Point's role in the nation's history dates back to the Revolutionary War - with General George Washington lauding the proximity as the most strategic position in America. Remote and close to a tricky S curve in the Hudson River, West Point proved impregnable. The British never conquered the fortress, despite a key insider's attempt to sell its plans to the British. Today that key insider's name is synonymous with traitor - General Benedict Arnold.


In 1802 President Thomas Jefferson signed legislation establishing West Point as a military academy for the U.S. Over the last 200 years, the cadets attending the United States Military Academy have come from every corner of America, from every political persuasion, economic circumstance, ethnic background, and genders. No matter their personal histories before arriving on the banks of the Hudson, they share the West Point experience and inherit its grand legacy. 120 minutes.