Acceptance Day (A-Day) Parade

Summer training for all classes officially culminates with the Acceptance Parade (an impressive ceremony) on August 14 at approximately 10:00 AM (time of the parade is subject to change – check with your new cadet prior to this date).  Be sure your cadet knows you are coming and pre-arrange a meeting place when they are released after the parade.

It is at this ceremony that the plebes are allowed, for the first time, to wear their white hats, a traditional symbol of having been formally accepted into the Corps of Cadets.  They are no longer “New Cadets.” 

This is one of only two parades that are totally dedicated to a particular class during the entire West Point experience (A-Day and Graduation) and also that include the entire Corps of Cadets.

The New Cadets will march out and line up in front of the bleachers facing Washington Hall or the Plain.  The rest of the Corps of Cadets will march out and face the bleachers.  After the New Cadets are accepted into the Corps, they march to join their academic companies (may be different from their Beast Companies). 

There are four regiments (1, 2, 3, 4).  Each regiment has two battalions and each battalion has four companies.  First battalion is made up of companies A, B, C, and D.  Second battalion is made up of companies E, F, G, and H. 

Get seats early!  We suggest you bring a book to read, umbrella (as a courtesy you will close if in the bleachers during the parade) or hat for shade, camera/video, bottled water and binoculars

As you sit in the bleachers, facing Washington Hall, the first regiment will be to your left, the second and third regiment will be in the middle and the fourth regiment will be to your right.  If your cadet were in company G2, that means that he/she is in the second regiment (G2), company G (G2), and G falls within the second battalion.  They would be the third section back, just left of center, in the formation.

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