(as amended October 15, 2011 and accepted by members)





Section 1. To promote an exchange of information and experience to help Cadets’ parents or guardians to enjoy West Point and benefit by the experience of those who have been through it.

Section 2. To assist appointees and applicants prior to admission.

Section 3. To build and maintain good feelings toward West Point among the American public.


Members and Membership

Section 1. Members: Parents or guardians of a West Point Cadet or a graduate of West Point.

Section 2. Honorary Members: Elected by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of members in attendance at any meeting.

Section 3 Associate membership will be extended to any family member of an active cadet or any parent or guardian of a cadet candidate enrolled at an approved USMA Prep Academy.



Section 1. Membership dues for each member shall be recommended by the executive board and approved by a majority vote of the membership at the next general meeting following installation of new officers.

Section 2. Plebe membership dues are for four years and shall be paid no later than the fall meeting of the plebe year. Dues will be prorated for parents of 3rd, 2nd or 1st year cadets seeking membership.

Section 3. Honorary members shall not be required to pay dues.

Section 4: Associate membership dues will be set by the board.



Section 1. The management of the club will be vested in the officers comprising the executive board.

Section 2. The officers and their duties shall be:

(a) President – The president shall preside at all meetings; shall be an ex-officio member of all committees; and shall perform all such duties as are incidental to the office and are properly required of him/her. The president shall be the official representative of the club.

(b) Vice-President – In the absence of the president, the vice-president shall exercise all the functions of the president and shall be vested with all his/her powers. He/she is responsible for coordinating refreshments for meetings, the club’s merchandising, and fundraising events.

(c) Secretary – The secretary shall prepare records of all meetings and have them approved by the membership. He/she will assist the president by doing all necessary postal correspondence. He/she will maintain current contact information for meeting locations, will finalize arrangements with the site manager on behalf of the club, and periodically check for new meeting locations.

(d) Newsletter Editor – The newsletter editor shall prepare and publish the club newsletter, make initial meeting announcements by way of regular newsletters. He/she will also maintain the club’s e-mail listserver roster and act as the club’s listserve moderator.

(e) Treasurer – The treasurer shall be custodian of the funds of the club; shall conduct its banking business and report on the status of the treasury at each meeting. He/she shall also keep an accurate membership list and advise the newsletter editor of same.

(f) Immediate Past President – The immediate past president is an ex-officio executive board position and a nonvoting member with authorization to vote in a tie situation. He/she shall serve as an advisor to the executive board and is available for special duties assigned by the president.

Section 3. Volunteer Positions.

(a) Historian – The historian shall be custodian of the history of the West Point Parents’ Club and shall keep it current.

(b) Boodle Coordinator – The boodle coordinator is responsible to organize boodle mailings as well as coordinator mail arrangements for boodle delivery. He/she is further responsible for cadet birthday card mailings and gift certificates.

(c) Liaison Positions -USMA field force trained liaison positions may serve as volunteer liaisons between the parents’ club and candidates.


Election of Officers

Section 1. The president shall appoint a nominating committee at midyear.

Section 2. Nominations will be received from the floor following the appointment of the committee.

Section 3. Two weeks prior to the fall meeting, the nominating committee will email its recommended proposed slate of officers to the membership. Election of new officers will occur at the fall meeting.

Section 4. The officers will take office at the January meeting.

Section 5. No candidate shall be proposed for office unless his/her consent to serve has been obtained.

Section 6. Only members in good standing and with cadets currently at West Point shall hold office.

Section 7. The officers shall be elected for a term of one year and will assume office in January.

Section 8. No officer shall be eligible to serve in the same office for more than two (2) consecutive terms of one (1) year each unless the office would remain vacant. In the event the office would remain unfilled, the executive board may choose to retain the current officer for the completion of the term of office until the next election year.



Section 1. Regular meetings shall be held in at least three times per annum. Additional meetings may be held from time to time at the discretion of the executive board. Time, place and day of meetings shall be determined by the executive board and published to the membership.

Section 2. The annual election of officers shall be conducted in the fall of each year.



Section 1. Standing Committees and their duties shall be:

(a) Executive Board – The executive board shall consist of the elected officers. It shall be responsible for the administrative business of the club.

Section 2. The president shall appoint the chairperson of each committee and shall assist the chairperson in recruiting volunteers for each committee.

Section 3. The president is empowered to appoint such special committees as he/she deems necessary at any time on the majority vote of the members at any regular meeting.

Section 4. The vote of the majority in any committee shall be the vote of the committee.


Roberts’ Rules of Order shall govern in all matters not covered.



These by-laws may be amended by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the members who are present in person, or represented by proxy, at a regular business meeting. But, no amendment shall be voted on without two (2) weeks notice in writing or email to members.