Next Meeting – Jan 21, 2012

Our next meeting will be Saturday, January 21st at noon. We will meet at the Village Properties (30050 SW Town Center Loop, West, Wilsonville, OR 97070) in their meeting room.

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Agenda for next meeting:

  1. Installation of New Officers
  2. Fund-raising brainstorming
  3. Boodle for our cadets and deployed soldiers

 Here are our new officers for the coming year:

  • Mike and Deb Mihalik – President
  • Bill and Nancy Sampson – VP
  • Mark and Kimberly Landsem – Treasurer
  • Mike and Susan Barnes – Secretary
  • Jimmy and Karen Khoo – historian
  • Gary Smith and Phyllis McCanna – fund raising

Calendar for 2012:

  • January 21
    Business Meeting,installation of new officers, Boodle for our Cadets and Soldiers
  • April 14
    Hail & Fairwell to our Class of 2012 who will graduate on May 26, 2012
  • June 23
    Welcome BBQ for the Class of 2016
  • August 25 (Subject to change due to Ring Weekend)
    Summer Meeting, Boodle for our Cadets
  • October 20
    Business Meeting, Election of Officers

Fund Raising

Our club funding is in fine shape as the Treasurer’s report indicates, but there is a continued need to replenish these funds each year to fund our efforts: parting gifts to graduates and past officers, birthday gifts for our cadets, food and drinks for our meetings, and the sending of special boodle to our cadets and soldiers if the need might develop. In past years, this also included seed money for the semi-annual All Service Academy Ball. It will be several years, though, before this responsibility rotates back to our club.

There are many ways to raise funds for the club, ranging from our past tulip sales, to the club store, to soliciting donations from members and interested parties, to name a few. Our next meeting will be an opportunity to review past efforts, and to solicit ideas for the coming year.

See you all at the next meeting!

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