West Point Parents Club of North Carolina

About West Point Parent Clubs


The West Point Parent Clubs worldwide offer a valuable opportunity for mutual support, fellowship and access to useful information about the Academy and the cadet life. The general goals of the Parents Clubs are: To enhance the image of the United States Military Academy in the local areas. To provide a means of communication between the Academy and the cadet parents. To offer opportunities for fellowship and mutual support among parents whose sons and daughters are undergoing a rugged academic, physical and military training program. To promote interest in attending the academy. The West Point Parents Club of North Carolina is divided into seven zones, this allows for local meetings that are "closer to home." The zones are determined by your zip code, if a different zone is more convenient for you, then by all means join with that group. We want you to be a part of the club and encourage all of you to join. It is important that West Point know that we are working at the local level to support the academy and our cadets.


Click here for map of NC Zones


View complete list of parent clubs on the West-Point.org website.


For more information about the West Point Parent Clubs, contact: Debra R. Dalton West Point Parents Club Coordinator Directorate of Communications 845-938-5650 deb.dalton@usma.edu







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