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Written by Brian Vander Yacht   
Monday, 09 June 2014
The WPPC-IL Welcome Picnic was held Sunday, June 8th, for the Cadet Candidates (CC) and their parents of the class of 2018.
With over 100 attendees at the picnic, the event was a great success in introducing the Class of 2018 to the parents club and giving them the opportunity to ask questions and exchange experiences with current members, some upperclass cadets, a new 2LT recent grad, and our Class of 1968 Fifty Year Affiliation Group (YAG) members for Illinois. Thanks to members bringing in boat loads of food and drink, we enjoyed a meal, informal introductions and discussion in the visitor center dining room. For the official part of the meeting, we moved to the auditorium. After introductory comments on the club, our board, and some upcoming events, the Class of 1968 members gave a presentation on the 50 YAG program and how they will be working with the Class of 2018 over the next 4 years, and presented certificates to the CCs from the West Point Association of Graduates (AOG). The CCs then went back to the dining room, with several of the upperclass cadets, for an informal Q&A on West Point and whatever was on their minds. Parents, meanwhile, had their own Q&A in the auditorium with another group of cadets and newly minted 2LT.
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