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Thunder Run(11 min): Thunder Run

Army Men's Gymnastics at NCAA Championships - 4/2/04
The following video clips show the performances of each WP gymnast on each event at the qualifier competition held at the University of Illinois on Friday 4/2/2004. Army's Brian Lee finished 8th on rings at Sundays individual championships.
Introduction of Team(0:38)
Parallel Bars(4:35)
High Bar(5:44)
Pommel Horse(5:05)

CALFEX 2001(63 min): higher res, lower_res

Cadet Glee Club & Color Guard at 2003 NIT(~3 min): lower res, higher res

Cadet Drill Team, Spring 2003(7:35): lower res, higher res

Tailgate Weekend - 9/27/03
Tailgate 2003 Photo Album(pics from videos)
March On - 2nd Regiment(4:22): lower res, higher res
Army Team Takes The Field(2:20): lower res, higher res
Plebe Tossing(1:05): lower res, higher res
Alma Mater(1:41): lower res, higher res
Tailgate(7:36): lower res, higher res

Army Men's Volleyball vs Purdue- 10/18/03
Army wins - this was one of 5 matches played at the University of Illinois.
Scott Cassidy('05) is setter(#1 in video) and captain of the team.
Game 1(15:04): high res
Game 2(17:55): high res
Game 3(11:21): high res