GMK Bus Pickup Locations


JFK Airport-Pick up point - Terminal 4

Arrival/baggage level. Buses outside. If arriving at another terminal, take the AirTrain Monorail between terminals.
Link to JFK map:

LAGUARDIA Airport – Pick up point - Delta – Terminal D - arrival level.

If arriving at Terminal A take the airport shuttle to Terminal D for bus pick up.
Terminal B and C are located close to Terminal D and within walking distance. You can also take the shuttle from B and C, but may ride around the airport to get to Terminal D.
See map at:

NEWARK Airport - Bus Courtyard outside Terminal A on ground level.

Take the AirTrain monorail to Terminal A if arrival is in another terminal.
See airport map at:

Newburgh-Stewart Airport –

Outside the terminal. Stewart is a small airport. Buses will be waiting at curb.