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Ring Weekend, held at the very beginning of the Firstie Academic Year, is a major milestone in every Cadet's life. Since West Point was the first college to have class rings, there is much tradition associated with this weekend.

The ring is selected during Cow Year, and is received in a simple, but very moving ceremony which is basically just for Cadets. Traditionally, the ceremony takes on Trophy Point at the beginning of the weekend. This area is restricted to Cadets, the TAC officers and NCO's of the companies involved. The ceremony may be viewed from on top of Trophy Point by spectators, but that is about 300 ft away from the event itself. MPs provide security to maintain the sanctity of the event. In case of weather, the ceremony is moved into Eisenhower Hall.

The Firsties wear their India Whites for this event. Afterwards, they try to go back to the barracks, striving to avoid the plebes who are waiting to waylay them. The plebes, with very dirty hands, make a point of admiring the rings. Part of the tradition includes the plebes reciting "poop" of "What a crass mass of brass and glass! What a bold mold of rolled gold! See how it sparkles and shines! It must have cost you a fortune! May I touch it please, Sir/Ma'am?"

Afterwards, the Firsties change into "civies" (civilian clothes) and meet their dates for a trip to NYC for dinner and a play, or something similar. It is the Firstie's responsibility to make all the plans for this weekend.

Saturday night is the formal banquet and hop, with Cadets again in India Whites with the coveted red sash. Military guests wear Dress Blues, Dress White, or Dress Mess. Civilian male guests wear a tuxedo or conservative business suit, and the ladies wear either a long or short formal dress. Another of the traditions is having pictures taken under a huge class ring.

It also is tradition that fiances receive their miniature engagement rings and mothers receive the Mother's ring during this weekend


Bicentennial Class Ring Weekend
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