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Explanations of abbreviations PDF Print E-mail

BIVOUAC - "A temporary encampment, often in an unsheltered area".
This is what the new cadets will do on the last six nights of
Beast Barracks when they hold an BIVOUAC at Lake Frederick and
live in their pup tents while undergoing military subjects

BRM = Basic Rifle Marksmanship, M16 instruction and qualification

BTO Brief = A briefing by a subject done by the Brigade Tactical
Officer, or his staff, at West Point.

COC = Confidence Obstacle Course, outdoor log obstacles they
crawl over and

CQC = Close Quarters Combat, hand to hand basics

CTLT = Cadet Troop Leader Training. Juniors and Seniors spending
time with actual army units somewhere functioning as a Platoon

CRE = Cardio Repertory Endurance, improve their running, lungs,

DCLT = Drill Cadet Leader Training. Juniors and Seniors spend
time during their summer in this type of training working with new
recruit training organizations within the actual army.

DFL = Department of Foreign Language, they test the New Cadets on
proficiency from their High School instruction and see if they can
a semester of instruction.

GMS = General Military Subjects, much like CTT stations, or EIB
everything from low crawl to formations wedges, patrolling, etc)

HG = Hand Grenade, both real and practice grenades

HNR = Honor, we inform the New Cadets on what is the honor code,

LRC = Leader Reaction Course, Leader development, how do they
react to
different situations.

IP = Issue Point, where we issue them uniforms, etc

IPT = Individual Proficiency Training, Common Soldier Tasks

MIAD = Military Individual Advanced Development. Juniors and
Seniors who take Air Assault, Airborne, Sapper courses, etc.

MNT = MTN = Mountaineering, rappelling and rock climbing.

MRE = Meals Ready to Eat. The field meal for the army. Can be
eaten hot or cold. Basic canned and packaged food.

MSE = Muscular Strength Endurance, weight training, exercises, PT

NBC = Nuclear, Biological, Chemical, how to wear the protective
mask and

OWF = Operation Warrior Forge, culminating event for CBT done out
at Lake Fredrick.


Larry D. Smith, '62
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Random Quote:

“The spirit and tradition of this place are in every way worthy of its noble setting. ‘Duty, Honor, County’ – The ideal embodied in this motto of the Academy has been the quickening impulse through the years of more than a century. To that ideal your predecessors, those ancestors of the spirit, have, with the rarest exceptions, been remarkably steadfast. They have been honorable gentlemen, gentlemen unafraid, who did their full duty with patriotic devotion.”

Harry H. Woodring
Secretary of War, June 14, 1938 graduation address

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