Our Simple Rules:

Posting to the parent lists on WP-ORG implies
that you have read these rules and agree to abide by them.

1. This is a PARENT List ... Graduates may not post to it unless they are also parents. 

2. This is a place to ask questions and learn from the experience of other WP parents of graduates.

3. Please be sure when you post it has something to do with West Point, your Graduate, or the military.

4. Please refrain from naming names or being specific (especially in regard to troop deployments). Mentioning a Graduate by name on our lists could lead to *others* being able to identify them. This could jeopardize troop safety.

5. Please respect the diversity of those on this list. Profane language and verbal attacks are inappropriate.

6. Please refrain from the following:

  • Discussion of the Administrative policy of any other list.
  • All calls to action. (i.e., "write to the President" )
  • Discussions on the right/wrong of WP-ORG, Army or West Point Administration, decisions, or rulings.
  • Advertising of any material not related to West Point, the military, or graduates.
  • Forwarding of any e-mail (to or from the list) without permission of the author.

6. If the volume of mail is too high for you, you may request to be changed to the digest version.

7. Please keep your mailboxes from "over quota." 

8. All members must maintain current, up-to-date anti-virus software on their computers. Check for updates at least weekly.

9. All posts must be in PLAIN TEXT for the safety of our members. Rich Text format carries with it the dangers of transmitting a computer virus. If your email comes to the list in any manner other than plain text, your moderator will notify you.

10. When replying to an email, do NOT hit the reply button, answer the author directly. Hitting the reply button sends your reply to the moderator of the list, not the author!

11. These rules are subject to change as necessary.

12. Violations of the list rules may result in member suspension or removal.

Questions? Please contact the WPP-GRAD Moderator