For those interested in shopping at the large outlet mall located in Central Valley, New York, you can read more about this mall at

If you plan on visiting the mall, traveling from West Point, you would exit USMA through Washington Gate (past the Keller Hospital) and go South on highway 218 past the US Mint and the Golf Course club house. At the junction with highway 293 (going towards Camp Buckner) take highway 293.If you are not on post but are starting from Highland Falls, take highway 9W North towards Newburgh and you will come to the same intersection. Take the Highway 293 exit.

Travel past Camp Buckner on highway 293 and you will come to the junction of 293 and Highway 6. Take Highway 6 towards the West.Highway 6 will pass over I-87 and the next street is Highway 17. The mall is a large complex on the right hand side. You cannot miss it.

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