Newark Airport to West Point, using public transportation. Thank you to the parents who shared the information below.

There is a bus that goes directly between Grand Central and Newark Airport, called Newark Airport Express: The bus runs every 15 minutes during most of the day, takes about 50 minutes, and they have a special $5 fare with Military ID (normally $15). This option is much easier than trying to use the Penn Station / train to Newark airport approach.

The basic steps:
USMA ferry (or taxi in winter) to Garrison (plan 30 minutes) NOTE: Taxi fare may be less expensive from the Peekskill stop before Garrison.
Train to Union Station (plan 80 minutes)
Bus to Newark (plan 50 minutes)
Net: 3 hrs

From Grand Central, trains run almost every hour northbound to Garrison or Peekskill via Metro North Line, approximately 80 minutes. Cost is approximately $10.

The train runs up the east side of the Hudson. To get across the Hudson via the Bear Mountain Bridge to West Point call a taxi (or a fellow cadet with a car willing to drive over and pick up). When "in season" a ferry for cadets runs from the Garrison station to West Point.

West Point is almost directly across the Hudson from the Garrison Train Station:

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