Dear ________________________:

Here is a letter to send back to us. Just fill in the blanks or circle the correct answer or mark true or false, place in the enclosed envelope and mail.

1. I...
a. have
b. have not, met any other new cadets from [your state here].
They are from:_________________________________________________________

2. The food is
a. okay
b. sad
c. great

3. And we get
a. plenty of food
b. an okay amount
c. I really want a pizza.

4. I am...
a. still tougher than nails
b. hanging in there
c. the same as always

5. My resolve to make it is:
a. strong
b. I'll get through it
c. varies by the minute

6. Physical training is:
a. a piece of cake
b. I'm getting better
c. the highlight of my day
d. great once it's over

7. I have:
a. one
b. two roommates
c. three roommates

They are from __________________________________________.

8. My roommates and I are:
a. learning to work together
b. don't speak too much but getting there
c. I am trying to push him/her out the window as we speak

9. I am in Company____- ____Platoon. Our motto is _______________________________________.

10. True/ False: We don't have much new friendship time yet.

11. We are learning a lot about:
a. manners
b. The Honor Code
c. military protocol
d. how to serve dessert
e. all of the above.

12. I will:
a. persevere
b. adapt
c. overcome
d. all of these.

13. Other than push-ups, marching, and chow, what I like best is:
a. camaraderie
b. the way our cadet sergeant loves us
c. the lessons we are learning
d. PT
3. other: ____________________________________________

14. I have learned how to make my bed and hang up my clothes. TRUE/FALSE? (Remember The Honor Code)

15.. I have reached the point now where I miss
a. the dog
b. the cat
c. my sister/brother
Circle those that apply.

With Love,

P.S. I hardly miss my car and cell phone. True/False