Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

TAX Information – The Tax Center located in Building 606, near Grant Turnaround, will open on February 6 for cadet tax preparation. This is a free service.

More information will be sent next week. The Tax Center provided information just prior to the holidays for parents and cadets. The documents can be found on the Parent Information page –

Photos – New photo provider is on post taking photos! Parents who are waiting for the CBT and CFT videos, your patience is greatly appreciated. Message from the owner of Academy Photo – the videos should be arriving soon!

Message from Directorate of Cadet Activities – Publications Office –

“Dear Parents-

Legacy Studios is at West Point to photograph your cadet!!

Within the next three weeks, all cadets will be required to take their portrait photos for the yearbook and for official purposes. Legacy Photos will be stationed at the mess hall for walk-ins, and the cadets are scheduled to take their photos by Regiment/Battalion. Your cadets have been given all the information about when and where to report for these mandatory photos. This schedule is also posted online at

At the photo session, your cadet will make pose selections and receive via email a unique code to access online proofs. Proofs will also be mailed home, and parents will have the opportunity to order photo packages and/or photo gifts ONLINE or by phone. All information is posted at

For more information, please contact Legacy Photo at 1-844-560-5670.”

Class of 2017 Parents – Graduation is on the horizon! Information regarding reservations for RV Parking at North Dock and Round Pond, luncheon/catering options from the West Point Club, Directorate of Cadet Activities and Thayer Hotel are all posted on the Parent Information page.

The update FAQ will be posted soon!

The link for cadets to order announcements and invitations should be up by the weekend.

Information for your review will be posted on the DCA Academy Store website –

Please check the top right corner of their page for the link and information.

Class of 2020 Parents – Plebe-Parent Weekend (Class of 2020) – We are tweaking the schedule and hope to have it posted in the next couple of weeks.

You can use the schedule from 2016 for planning. We look forward to welcoming you to West Point!

Bus schedules for Presidents Day and Spring Break are posted on the Parent Information web site – Click on Resources.

The schedules can be found on the lower left side of the page.

The weekly edition of the Pointer View can be found here –

Questions – here to help!

Wishing you a healthy and happy New Year!

Best wishes,