International Cadets Celebrate 2017

International Cadets Celebrate 2017

Sunday, May 14 was a very special day.  PCWP parents were invited to join the International Cadets/Global Leaders for their 2017 picnic and bar b q.

It topped off this Mothers Day for me who’s son, Class ’14, is deployed.   I was glad I stopped by.  We arrived early.  There were a few Cadets setting up and tending the bar b q next to the Hudson River.   They welcomed us as only West Point Cadets can do.

Petch Kongmuang (Thailand), 2016-17 President, introduced us as more Cadets arrived.  By the time we left there were twenty-five and more arriving.

The Cadets were interested in their guests’ backgrounds and how much we knew about the Global Leaders.  We were interested in where they were from, what was their West Point experience and how might it impact their personal and professional life or their country when they returned home?

I talked with Cadets from Bulgaria, Latvia, Georgia (a country in the Caucasus region of Eurasia), Nigeria, The Philippines,  Oklahoma (U.S.) and, Afghanistan.  There was a lot of information and experiences were shared.

Weather played a role in making the time special.  A sunny picnic perfect day turned gray and ominous with lightning in the hills North of West Point, followed by a quick storm of wind, rain and hail.  It blew past.  The sun shone and through the clouds appeared an exquisite rainbow.  Congratulations to the graduating Firsties.


2017 Global Leader Cadets with PCWP parent, Meg Hunnewell