Acceptance Day Parade

Acceptance Day Parade

This is a unique ceremony, in which the new class symbolically marches forward and formally joins the Corps.

Acceptance of the new plebe class (2020) into the Corps occurs at the end of summer training. At this time, the plebe class is accepted into the Corps by joining the three upper classes in their companies in a ceremonial parade during Reorganization Week. The Corps marches onto The Plain and the plebe class, organized by company, marches on separately. On command, the plebes then march across the plain and join their companies. After this ceremony, the plebes are no longer addressed as New Cadet but rather as Cadet signifying that they have been accepted into the Long Gray Line.

Club members, please consider attending the Parent Reception planned for Friday, Aug. 14; 4-6 p.m. at the West Point Club. Details to follow!

QUESTIONS? Co-Presidents –  Melissa Beecher at 845-255-4148 or Silvia Cioffoletti at 914-273-4248