Welcome to the parents club

The Parents Club of West Point is a wonderful blend of the parents of West Point Cadets and Graduates. We strive to support West Point’s mission by investing in Cadet and Academy programs. We celebrate the rich leadership and traditions of the Academy and are moved by the knowledge that longtime members share with us while driven with the vitality and fresh ideas of new cadet parents.

Our goal is to provide ways for parents and families to enjoy all that West Point offers. We confide in, guide and encourage each other as our cadets take the journey to where the Long Gray Line will lead them. Parents hear about what West Point life is about and what to expect over the forty-seven months their cadet will be at the Academy. It also provides the opportunity to learn what life will be like once their cadet leaves West Point and continues to be part of the Army. We are parents supporting parents.

A special benefit of being a member of The Parents Club of West Point is that we sponsor all of our events on the grounds of the Academy. This means you can enjoy our events with your cadet and spend time together in a comfortable, historic environment. We frequently invite Academy instructors and top-ranking cadets as guest speakers so that parents can gain insights into the many programs and paths that their cadet will be offered.

We invite you to join and become active members of the club. Suggest and discuss new ways the club can support Cadet life and the Academy. More importantly, represent your cadet’s Class, lead an event and become involved in shaping the activities so other parents can learn and benefit from your special efforts and talents.

Please contact any members of the Club Leadership if you have any questions or comments.