Army-A and mule

The following are images that have been collected from various sources. Authors of the artwork are unknown. We will remove any pieces requested.

The USMA Crest, Army Kicking Mule, Black Knight, Blocked A and verbiage associated with Army athletic teams are trademarked entities, and the Academy receives royalty fees if they are used for commercial purposes. If they are reproduced non-commercially for internal parents club purposes, such as club newsletters or flyers, this does not apply.

If used commercially, Collegiate Licensing Company currently has a contract with the Academy to collect fees, monitor use of the trademarks and ensure the trademarks are used with quality merchandise. Vendors who desire to use the Academy trademarks sign a Licensing Agreement with Collegiate Licensing Company to produce and sell the trademarks and pay a royalty for this use. This fee is then passed on to the Academy Athletic Department and the Association of Graduates for use in Academy programs. Any questions you may have should be directed to the Academy Licensing Director, Mr. Jim Flowers at (914) 938-2523.