help for posting; use PICASA!

Ways to share

You will need to sign up on this site first.  All of these methods are easier than emailing the photos to the webmaster.  Currently 4 are supported and all use the google picasa photo sharing application.

Get and use the free Picasa application.  It is part of Google.  You will need to get a free google account which is as easy as signing up for gmail (free email account).   Using Picasa is very easy and intuitive!  Remember to ORGANIZE your images in albums that represent an event.   Once your images are published to your free online sharing space (all included, part of google), the following are ways to get the content on this site.

1. Embedded Slideshow – from your Picasa album.   this symbol shows up in the options when you are adding a post, it prompts you for your picasa user name and the album you want to share.

2. Picasa Image Express – also found as an option when you are adding a post, menu driven, but will allow you to select image by image to add.

3. Start a post – include all the info you know, album info, etc…  I will do the linking part.  I have to check over all the content before it gets posted anyway to keep the spammers away.

4. Send me the link to your album – it will look like:”>Your Album Title