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Start reviewing your images, we want the images you think are something our cadets will enjoy looking back on. The albums will be mainly event oriented, with a main summary/best-of album working date oriented. We will want images submitted by the cadets as well – athletics, day to day life, etc… This site is being made for the Class of 2012!

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1. Size – There is a 20 MB limit the amount you can send in one e-mail to this account. If the total size of your pictures is more than 18 MB you may need to send more than one e-mail. Sending or uploading the images is very time consuming, and can tie up your email client, but please share!

2. File Type – send “jpeg” images at full resolution (straight out of the camera) originals. I will optimize them. I will rename them for easy sorting. I won’t be adding watermarks or photo-credits.

3. Please send photos as attachments rather than embedded in the email message.

4. If you have photo albums on a photo sharing website, please do not send me the link to it to download the photos. That is extra work and photo quality is reduced.

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